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Google All Set To Penalize SEOs Who Are Secretly Bribing Bloggers

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It is indeed difficult for any webmaster or an SEO professional to hide anything from Google and therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same company is gradually taking some harsh steps to penalize all the marketing firms who are bribing bloggers. In a tweet and in a meeting, head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts spoke about this particular story and confirmed that they’re taking action against all the SEO firms that are trying to bribe the bloggers. Google has always been strict about any unethical and illegal practices that come into the forefront of illegal link building. But the million-dollar question is ‘are the SEOs still bribing the bloggers?’

Matt Cutt’s tweet sends the SEO world up in arms – Are they still bribing?

Yes, it is undoubtedly a fact that the SEO world is up in the arms after coming across the recent tweet of Matt Cutts where he spoke Google’s plan to take some serious action against the firms that are still secretly bribing the bloggers. There are hundreds of articles on the web about the ways in which the SEO firms offer money to the bloggers in exchange of adding hyperlinks within the articles that directly link to their site. This is called stealth marketing and has been specially designed to dupe both the reader and the employer and this is nothing but an illegal scam.

If you’re well acquainted to the world of PR or public relations, you will be aware of their standard practice of the PR firms where the journalists and the bloggers require publishing positive articles about their clients which include a link to their website. What is it that differentiates the successful PR firms from the shady agencies? $50-$80 per link is what separates the authentic agencies from the shady ones. The PR firms give journalists interesting and curious scoops and also offer them fully-written stories and those articles are published by them. This is nothing but a “you-pat-my-back-and-I’ll-pat-our-back relationship. So, in nutshell, the SEOs have always been bribing the bloggers.

What does Matt Cutts have to say about the SEOs bribing the bloggers?

According to Matt Cutts, it is tough to say if Google is actually taking any immediate action against the sites that are using such unethical and illegal techniques for targeting a higher rank in the search engine results. The technique is not about approaching the owner of the site and selling the links through the owner of the website. Instead, it involves an easier process of directly approaching the blogger or the reporter and editorially adding links to the websites without the knowledge of the owner of the website. The owner doesn’t come to know about the payments that are being exchanged by the blogger and the SEOs.

Although Matt Cutts said that they’re taking action on the hundreds of spammy writers, this might even be a frustrating speech to break the spirits of the spammers. He also added that they’ve always been denying algorithm updates during the holidays but fighting against spam always continues.

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