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The Basics Of SEO – Some Vital Effects For A Beginner

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Are you someone who has been wondering what SEO is all about? You must have come across this word in different articles in the web but ever have you wondered about its meaning? Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process in which websites get traffic from the organic, free natural listings on the search engine results. It is a method in which the websites are optimized in the best way possible in order to increase their ranking in the search engine results. Are you someone who is about to start off with a website of your own? If answered yes, your main goal should have been looking for ways in which you can increase the visibility of your website so that more and more people notice your site among all the other results in the search engine results. SEO is the main trick that can help you boost the search engine ranking of your website and make it rank higher than your competitors. You may read on the concerns of this article in order to educate yourself on the different benefits of SEO.

Things to be aware of while educating yourself on SEO

When you’re someone who is about to enter into the world into the SEO, you should know that the purpose of SEO is to create great user experience and communicate to the search engines and other websites. Here are some facts that you need to take into account before taking a plunge into the field of search engine optimization.

1. Remember that your website is like a cake: Visualize a cake where the links, paid search and the social media acts as the icing, while your content, information, architecture, infrastructure and content management acts as the sugar and helps in making the cake. Without this your cake will be tasteless.
2. What search engines look for: How is the relevancy determined in accordance with SEO? Relevance in terms of content is determined by the theme that has been given, the text of the page and the descriptions and titles of the page. How fast is your website and does it works properly? Does your website have good content that can link to the authoritative websites? How does your website look and is it easy to navigate? These are some things that you need to consider.
3. What search engines don’t look for: Search engine spiders don’t have certain amount of data storage and hence if you’re performing any kind of shady tactics to trick the search engines, you will hurt yourself in the long run. Keyword stuffing, overusing the keywords on your pages is something that the search engines don’t look for. Purchasing links will get you nowhere when it comes to SEO.

So, when you’re someone who is a novice in search engine optimization, you should take into account the above mentioned tricks. Know what SEO wants and doesn’t want and take the required steps in order to target the best audience in the web.

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