Monday, 30 December 2013

To Stay Or Not To Stay In Twitter – When This Is The Question In Mind

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It was in 2006 July that Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Biz Stone launched Twitter, a 140 characters micro-blogging site, which soon exploded to become one of the most popular social networking website like Facebook. Twitter has got some incredible features and it is best for leading quick messages in 140 characters but suddenly there doesn’t seem the urgency to stay active in Twitter? What are you thinking? Should you remain active on Twitter or should you not? Is Twitter for you? Check out some reasons for which you might not be on Twitter.

1. You might not be active enough: The point of joining a social media website is to make your presence felt and if you’re someone who is not regularly active on Twitter, people will soon forget you. All the best Tweeters are regular on the site and have their own rhythm. If Twitter doesn’t meet your needs, you may find some other social media website

2. You may be obsessive: Twitter can actually be time-consuming but there’s a slight difference between being active and being obsessive. If you spend your whole day updating things within 140 characters and keep responding to the re-tweets as well, you’re actually entangled within the Twittersphere.

3. You’ve been posting heated Tweets: There have been too many celebs who have deleted their Twitter accounts due to the heated Tweets and backlash. But if you happen to be someone with no filter in what you Tweet, Twitter can soon turn out to be a bad place for you.

4. It might not be helping your business: Unless you own a business that needs international presence, you might not need Twitter for commercial benefits. Local business owners, restaurant owners, plumbers, bakery owners can use some other social media to gain local customers.

5. You might not be reaching out to enough people: Despite claims of having 232 million “active” users, 37% of 1097 people who have joined Twitter have shut down their account. This clearly means that you’re not being able to reach out to a large number of people.

6. You might not be building your brand: You might have opened an account in Twitter but you might not have a functioning website to promote on Twitter. What’s the purpose of building a brand on Twitter if you don’t have a website to link up to?

7. You signed up for temporary reasons: You might have been eager to follow President Obama during his Presidential campaign and this might have been the reason behind you joining Twitter. Now that it’s over, you should also quit!

8. You’re just a seller on Twitter: If you’re on Twitter just to sell things, your friends and contacts will become tired of your gimmicks. No one prefers a sales pitch on a social networking website.

9. You’re not being able to send direct messages: You can only send direct messages when people are following you. But if they aren’t, you can’t talk to them privately, while it is sometimes necessary.

10. You’re still confused: Twitter can also be confusing enough and if you’re new to social media, you might as well find Twitter to be confusing enough. Handling hashtags might not be your cup of tea.

If, you have any of the above mentioned reasons in mind, you can quit Twitter without a second thought.

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