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5 Interesting Changes To PPC And Google That Are Expected To Come In 2014

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Thanks to the extreme fun of Enhanced Campaigns that made 2013 an interesting year for PPC. Google has brought about tons of changes to its algorithm due to which different webmasters faced different kinds of reactions and results. The entire SEO industry had to adapt to such changes so that they could stay ahead of their competitors and stay afloat in the competition. As we step into 2014, we shouldn’t expect anything that is as radical but there will certainly be some major changes that we need to focus on. Here are some of them.

1. Advertisements will become more obvious and clear: Did you come across the Google “Ad” images in orange yet? If answered no, you will probably see them very soon. The FTC or the Federal Trade Commission told that the major search engines needed to be more visible and clear about what ads are and what aren’t and Google has already started testing the impact of such changes quietly. Due to such changes, CTRs might dip slightly across the country and the orange buttons will actually be more eye-catching.

2. Search result page may get prettier: Should the search engine result pages remain the same or should they be more cluttered? Well, this certainly depends on your perspective but Google has again started testing larger banner ads on brand term. This clearly implies that Google is always open to testing any kind of things as this will improve their user-experience. There might as well be some Image Ad Extensions on top of the “Visual Search Ads”.

3. PLAs will become more vital
: According to the predictions, PLAs are about to move from the right hand side of SERP to the top on the left hand side. Not only did the PLAs grow at a huge rate for Google, they have also been outperforming the regular text ads. This will obviously mean more traffic for the PLA campaigns, less traffic for the non-PLA campaigns and managing PLAs will become easier and more important.

4. A better integration with Google services: Few days ago when Google switched YouTube commenting from the old system to the new one where people had to comment through their Google+ account, people didn’t like this. This move clearly indicates that Google is clearly heading towards a strong integration between all their services. The two major areas that will feel this impact are that Google Places will become the sole option for getting locations and Social Extensions will also become important.

5. 2014 will be the year of mobile: PPC has always been famous in mobiles and there will be no such change that is going to happen in 2014. However, there are predictions that people may start seeing more advanced mobile PPC strategies to develop effortlessly. People will start owning better mobile devices in order to remain in sync.

Therefore, there are exciting things lined up this 2014. You can keep browsing and look ahead for the changes to know how they’re going to impact you.

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