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Genuine Content And Effective Social Interaction Enhances Your Business Profits

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With each and every algorithm update, Google is gradually making SEO more and more complex. The company has been hammering home its desire of improving the search result quality and has been nailing the spammers and penalizing the websites for their spam content. But how is the relevance being determined between good content and relevant backlinks? The most vital elements that are always highlighted by Google are “high quality content” and “genuine social media engagement”.

Moving on to the new face of social media optimization

Things have changed drastically in the SEO industry as with every algorithm update, there have been new changes that have been adapted by the webmasters in order to stay afloat and remain visible among the cut-throat competition. Creating a webpage doesn’t always mean adding some specific words that rank well from the Google AdWords research. You just can’t look for relevant words and add them to your website. You will now need good content that people would want to read, that which is relevant enough and that which can provoke social media engagement. The social media part of the websites used to be a bit part player previously but now they’re becoming an important player among all the other important factors.

Writing content for a website that is reader-centric

What is reader-centric content? Well, writing reader-centric content deals with content that readers would want to read and not the typical sort of content that you want the readers to read. Content should not deal with talking about your blog or about the services of your company. It is rather about offering intriguing and interesting content that informs them and helps them. Social is about building the influence and offering something rather than selling something.

Writing real content and building Google authorship

People on the web want to see other people and people always prefer hearing stories of real people on the web. This speaks about the importance of Google Authorship. Unless and until there is an identity of the person who is interacting on web, you can never be able to create that effect. You have to be passionate about your work, create real interesting stories about their lives and also include a short bio of your background that will prove that you really have an identity and that you’re not faking.

Being helpful on social media

The days of not being on the social media are over and the days of not helping anyone on the social media are over too. Would you ignore someone on the floor of your shop who’s looking for help? Since you won’t, don’t do that online too. If your clients or customers ask some questions online, offer them help with a helpful answer. Offer links and keep them in touch with you so that they always know that you’re there with them.

Hence, we clearly understand that without offering real good content and effective social media engagement, it is rather impossible to create that social impact for your business. Hire a professional content writer and take the required steps to be noticed online.

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