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A Buyer's Guide To The PPC Digital Marketing Platform

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Mobile display/banner ads, paid search and advertising in the social media lead a huge group of PPC or Pay Per Click digital media. They are now being managed by PPC campaign management platforms. The concerns of this article will examine and assess the current market for enterprise PPC Campaign management platforms that are involved in implementing the PPC software. Are you considering licensing an enterprise PPC campaign management platform? If answered yes, this report will assist you in deciding whether or not you require licensing.

Automated PPC Campaign Management – Its benefits

With the present market conditions, the PPC marketing landscape has gradually become too complex, as the speed of search engine algorithm changes accelerate and the marketers demand increased channel capabilities. Automating PPC through a platform can have various benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. Enhances productivity: This can free up time that you once spent on manual jobs like managing keywords, campaigns, bids and hence the search marketers can easily spend more time on other creative areas of their marketing campaigns like landing pages or testing advertisements.
  2. Efficiency in workflow: We all know that workloads can easily aggravate to unmanageable levels when you have the task of supporting site links, retargeting, product extensions and supporting other social media platforms along with Facebook. One can also manage ad groups, keyword lists, ad copy and bids. Moreover, an automated PPC platform can also alleviate the stress of day-to-day reporting and campaign management.
  3. Better campaign performance: Through the benefits of PPC technology, one can optimize bidding and thereby potentially increase the performance and campaign ROI through more intelligent allocation of their dollars. In order to reap such benefits, the marketers will require evaluating platforms to find out the best fit and the one that will not only increase efficiency but also improve the performance of the campaign.
  4. Streamline reporting: Reporting capabilities and functions are built mostly into all PPC platforms, thereby reducing the amount of time that you spend on manual reporting. Automated reporting can prove to be of huge benefit for all those agencies that need to report to multiple clients with various different needs.
Choosing the PPC Campaign management platform

Once you determine that an enterprise PPC campaign management platform will make sense for your business, start spending time researching individual suppliers and know their individual capabilities. Then you can make a clean list of all the PPC capabilities that you presently have, all those capabilities that you would wish to have and all those that you direly need. This is possibly the most critical step that you should avoid making a mistake.

Take the list of capabilities and do some research. Have a talk with your marketing peers at some industry events in order to find out who is using which campaign platform and for what reason. Once you’re done with the necessary research, narrow down your list to only those vendors who fit into your criteria. Submit your list and wait for them to reply.

Determine which features are necessary for your business, who will use this platform and why before making all the above mentioned choices.

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