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Google Celebrates 4th July With An Awesome Doodle Performance

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4th of July marked the independence day of the United States of America and Google has celebrated this day by creating a doodle on its search engine. All the users who have checked out the homepage of Google has certainly come across the animated 4th July parade, that features a marching band keeping steps to the beat of “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Philip Sousa. The underdog in the doodle is the young boy who finds it a bit difficult to keep with the pace of the rest of the band. However, the jubilant and vibrant spirit of the holiday shines through the doodle.

The Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July, 1776, a document that was the testimony to securing autonomy from Great Britain. This day is marked as a federal holiday and people on this day enjoy with friends and family members to celebrate it in their own ways. While some arrange potluck dinner parties at home, some others enjoy it by playing with some fireworks. However, 2014 has a darker side to the celebrations of Independence Day due to the Hurricane Arthur that hit the coasts of North Carolina. Although it didn’t harm anybody yet this was taken as a reason to mourn this year’s Independence Day.

The logo of the Google doodle was designed by Google Doodler Betsy Bauer and the art direction was a fine caricature of the classic 1950s cartoon that was created by the UPA Animation Studio, the same studio that offered us the Mr. Magoo cartoon series. Bauer said that he wanted to ensure that the story in the logo was sweet and sincere and yet celebrated the feel of this auspicious day.

Bauer also adds that when he was a toddler, is dad was the band director of a high school and also a baritone player in some community get-togethers. He has had a lot of fond childhood memories of chasing fireflies during town squares and law concerts. Hence, he was superbly excited to combine 2 of the greatest influences of his life into the Google doodle – animation band and hand-drawn animation. Google also noted that the rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” was performed by the US Marine Marching band.

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