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Google Webmaster Tools Beta International Targeting Reports

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A couple of weeks ago, there had been news that the search engine giant Google is working on introducing a new href language webmaster feature that Google didn’t want to disclose. In fact, Google left no stone unturned to hide the information from being leaked among the outer world. They even asked the beta testers to sign on non-disclosure agreements if they wanted to participate in the beta. But however, the cat is now out of the bag. On the 31st of June’s Best practices and common mistakes in SEO Google Hangout’s session that was being hosted by 3 Googlers, Google finally took the step of showing off this new tool in Webmaster Tools. And the best part is that Menashe Avramov spotted this and posted all the details in Google+.

What is the International Targeting report?

Being a layman, you must be wondering what this International Targeting report is. Well Google has just released the new webmaster tools that implies how they’re interpreting href lang onto your website. This particular tool will show you some common issues that you may usually face with the implementation of the href language. This particular report in Webmaster Tools has been given the name of International Targeting report. The report mainly aims at evaluation and assessment of return links, region-specific codes and language-specific codes.

If you’re someone who knows a bit about the href lang, you should be aware of the fact that href language is nothing but a code that you add on to your website. This particular code will inform Google that the page on your website is specifically meant for that region or language. Google will then use this direction to ensure that they display the information in the perfect manner across the Google sites.

As Google is presently beta-testing a new international target report within Google Webmaster tools, there are too many questions that the people are wondering about. This new report has also been created to help the webmasters who own international websites and use href language markup comprehend the mistakes and also learn about the errors that require to be fixed. There are usually some errors that need to be fixed in order to communicate better with the language settings across the internationalized website of the webmaster. The debug details on missing back links from particular language codes and unknown language codes in general are also offered by this tool.

Hence, we can well understand that the new Google href lang will be of great help to all those webmasters who own international websites. Although this is a complicated piece of code that might be very confusing, yet it can be of great help to all such webmasters. Now the users will have to understand whether or not the code has been added incorrectly or correctly.

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