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Measuring The ROI Of Your SEO Campaign – Knowing The Ways

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Anyone who owns a website will pay due attention to the importance of search engine optimization. However, only putting in your efforts for the welfare of your website is perhaps not enough. One also has to measure the success of his SEO campaign in order to know whether or not his time, money and efforts are being utilized in an effective manner. Search engine optimization is nothing but one of the most common methods of driving traffic to your website by optimizing your website according to the search engines. In order to measure the ROI of your search engine campaign, you can use the information from Google Analytics and Positionly and pull out the data to determine the patterns of traffic and the increase in links. Here are some ways to measure the ROI of your search engine campaigns.

  1. Rise in organic traffic that is non-branded: When there is an increase in traffic, it is certainly a good sign about your company as it shows that your company is well-matched with its respective keywords in the search engine results. However, one should remember that it is not only important to get more traffic from branded visitors but also from related keywords which are non-branded. You can easily use Acquisition section of Google Analytics to browse through the non-branded keywords that played a role in driving traffic to your website. 
  2. Increase in inbound links: We are pretty aware of the fact that inbound links are the lifeblood of SEO. A link is not only a link but it is also a vote of confidence. When a website links to your website, it’s almost like a vote of confidence that is taken into account by Google to determine the subject of a company that it is expert in and thereby rank the website accordingly. When there’s an increase in number of inbound links, your website will automatically gain more traffic that will convert into more visitors and increased revenue.
  3. High quality traffic: Although traffic is important for a website, yet sending a large amount of unqualified traffic won’t be of much use to your website. But it is very unfortunate that this is what happens with people who use black hat SEO strategies. High numbers of traffic is certainly important for the growth of the company but one should make sure that the traffic is worthwhile and is beneficial for the growth of the company’s website. Only when you have quality traffic, you can expect the number of conversions to grow in the near future. So, high quality traffic is another way of determining the ROI of your SEO campaign.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, the most important factor that needs to be calculated is the revenue that you’re earning. It is only when your efforts transform into good amount of revenue, you can be sure that all your efforts are giving you positive results.

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