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Terminator Robots will no longer kill founders Brin and Page

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If this world would ever be overrun by Terminators. Sergey Brin and Larry Page might end up surviving the annihilation of humanity. But the killing machines haven’t yet arrived. Although Google is taking precautions, it has uploaded a killer-robots.txt file into the servers that will instruct T-800 and T-1000 Terminators to spare the co-founders of the company or to be more specific, to disallow their deaths.

How would it be possible to stop the unstoppable killer Terminators if you’re not Sarah Connor? Well, Google has the capability to do so with a simple text file. People have now already noted that Google has a special robot.txt file that stops the Terminators and pokes fun. Such robot.txt files are used to the robots of the less-threatening kind and this is more like Google that crawl the internet in order to search for content. When you use the robots.txt, you can disallow them from gathering the content.

The Easter Egg’s appearance on the website of Google coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Robots.txt file, which is a tool that was created in 1994. This instructs the search engines and other automatic robots to avoid crawling on certain pages or different directories of a particular website. This industry has already done a remarkable job by staying trustworthy to the simple text file since the last 2 decades as Google, Yahoo and Bing still now obey its directives.

However, unfortunately for Larry and Sergey, there’s noone who can tell that Skynet will be kind enough. Google has also forgotten to mention the terrible T-X that was seen in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, an exclusion that could prove to be fatal. Again, it’s perhaps not Terminators of Skynet that we should be worried about. Google is working on its own robot army. For them, calling it simply a group of machines that kill people will be a bit too extreme. However, both Larry and Sergey are safe now.

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