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Avert The Risk Of Getting Slaughtered By Penguin 3.0 – The Vital Essentials

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As per research surveys by Google, Penguin 2.0 detrimentally affected only about 2.3% of English-US search queries. Doesn’t that sound like a really low number? It may, but in the record of algorithm rollouts, this was known to be the largest update till date. It wasn’t just queries that were struck, but Penguin 2.0 also impacted web traffic of thousands of websites. Innumerable webmasters complained reductions of traffic of up to 90% and this update was reported to cripple businesses and halt all kinds of online revenues. However, despite all this, all of us are on the verge of yet another algorithm upset, the Penguin 3.0!

The target of Penguin 3.0

Spammy backlinks, exact match anchor text, optimized anchor texts, paid links and irrelevant and wanted links were always the target of all the Penguin updates. But will this Penguin 3.0 target at something more? If yes, then what are they? Have a look at some of the best guesses at what the Penguin 3.0 will aim at.

  1. Any optimized anchor texts: We all are well aware of the fact that the days of keyword-rich anchor text and exact march keywords are over. However, this is going to be more important than ever in the history of all the Penguin updates. Experts strongly suggest avoiding any kind of optimization of anchors. SEO analysts have been analyzing for some time now that anchors will gradually have limited impact on search results. The trend is moving towards co-occurence and co-citation and the rise of a more social web where backlinks won’t just play a very important role.
  2. Any bad quality backlinks: Any backlink from a bad neighbourhood website isn’t supposed to be the kind of backlink that you want. An illegal or rather suspicious website that sends a backlink to a legitimate and well-organized site immediately gives an aura of suspicion and illegitimacy to the legal site. If you execute enough control over the backlinks of your site, ensure that they come from sites of equal relevancy and domain authority level.
  3. Any link from a guest blogging network: Google is obviously revolting against article networks like MyBlogGuest or PostJoint. In fact, Matt Cutts didn’t joke when he promised to jerk off the guest blogging networks. He already has done so and will continue to do so. This time, it will be built right into the algorithm.
How to know whether or not you’re at risk?

Neither did Penguin 2.0 affect every site nor will Penguin 3.0 do. Nevertheless, to play it safe, you should continuously keep auditing your content and link profile. In order to find out whether or not you’re at risk due to Penguin 3.0, you first require finding out if you were at risk by Penguin 2.0. There are different tool websites through which you can ensure whether you had been targeted by Penguin 2.0 and whether you can be at risk due to the Penguin 3.0.

Now that comprehend Penguin’s target and site, it’s time to take some action. Conduct a link profile audit because if Penguin 3.0 rolls in and you get penalized, you’ll be forced to conduct a thorough audit. Don’t you think it’s better to be proactive and audit your link profile than to suffer the long-term upshots of the penalty action?

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