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Black hat vs. white hat social media – Listing the differences and their effects

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When it comes to social media, there’s actually a long list of best methods and worst methods that all brand managers should be aware of. Sometimes the line between good strategies and bad becomes blurry and although a brand company might just try to enhance its followers or engagement metrics but while doing this it might just cross that slippery edge of using black hat SEO techniques. Well, the harsh truth is that black hat SEO goes both against the written and unwritten rules of social media. These are the tactics that actually dupe the entire system to obtain better and fast results. While there are some black hat techniques that are easily identifiable, there are some others that are better disguised; many times they’re used unintentionally. Read on to know the basic differences between black hat and white hat social media techniques.

Buying audience – A typical black hat strategy

Buying audience is a typical black hat practice and it makes no sense at all. While there are several other services that make it easier for people to purchase followers and fans, this particular tactic has basically no value. Popularity is indeed nice but what’s the deal if you have to pay for it? Not only does this practice harm your brand’s reputation, but chances are high that this purchased audience doesn’t much care about what your product or services deal with. Most times, purchased fans contain hackers and spammers.

Growing your audience – A typical white hat strategy

The best way in which you can grow your audience and also retain them is by generating engaging and timeless content. This may include promotions, images, videos, infographics, polls and any other kind of status update to engage the users and draw their attention. Once such content is created on regular basis, social media managers should consider advertising on social networks or promoting their content. Such strategies will help you spread the word about the presence of your brand and will also lead to an increase in the number of your followers.

Spamming for traffic – A typical black hat strategy

Another obvious tactic is spamming for traffic. Now there are social spammers who comment on popular posts and tweets with a random message and a strange link. Most of the users who know about such black hat techniques are well aware of the fact that clicking on them will lead to spam links and these are some of the shady techniques used by the social media spammers.

Posting for traffic - A typical white hat strategy

The best way in which you can fight against spammers is by reporting them. Apart from posting interesting and intriguing content, another way in which brands can enhance their visibility is by participating in conversations on recent topics, which can be easily done through Twitter. Use hashtags to be more precise about a topic and its viewers.

Hence, we see that during an age of black hat SEO strategies, black hat social media is the newest trend. Steer clear of any mistakes that do not comply by the guidelines of Google to ensure best results in the future.

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