Friday, 22 August 2014

Notifications For Faulty Redirects And Color-Coded Syntax – 2 New Features

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There’s sheer good news for webmasters and developers this 2014! Google Webmaster Tools has added two new features, one to show color-coded syntax within the feature that is known as ‘fetch as Google’ and second to notify all webmasters about faulty redirects. According to recent reports, Google has been recently sending notifications to most webmasters who are straightaway sending all their mobile users to their home page without their permission. While the users expect their destination URL, they’re being redirected to the home page URL of the webmaster. This is being notified to them after the change.

In the month of June, Google had launched a feature within its search results that sent an alert signal to all the mobile searchers before they clicked on a URL. The warning read that they won’t be send to the destination URL that they’re looking for but will rather be redirected to the home page of the website. However 2 months later, in the month of August, Google is now notifying the respective webmaster of the site that this is an error which is coming up for all their mobile users in Google search results. The main goal of sending this notification to all webmasters is to persuade them not to employ the system of redirect and rather send the user to a mobile-friendly version of the page that he/she is looking for.

Apart from the above mentioned feature, Fetch as GoogleBot now comes with a color-coded syntax. For the developers and the webmasters, having the HTML markup and code colored will be of immense help when it comes to debugging issues. Hence, now Google has added color-coded syntax directly in the Fetch as Google feature within the Webmaster Tool updates. Webmasters will now be able to steer clear of problems of their websites.

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