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Getting Crushed By Your Competitors – 4 Things Your Competitors Are Doing

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Google has become the online platform for companies to make their web presence felt to their visitors. While there are innumerable number of companies who are trying to outshine you by employing different strategies, this quarter, Google shopping e-commerce strategy is the key to more exposure and holiday sales. Have a look at the major tricks that your competitors are taking resort to, to out leverage you on Google. Stay informed so that you can save and retain your position on Google.

  1. Enhance brand perception: Google Shopping space on search is usually relegated to about 3-8 Product ads and 3-6 paid ads. While this is a very good portion of the Google Shopping page, getting visibility in these portions can be a real challenge. Your competition will consist of leveraging space on Google in order to highlight their brand, store and other product attributes to encourage more impression and sales. You consider using some Google programs like Google Special offers, Google Seller ratings and Google Product ratings in order to ensure staying on the top and retaining your website’s position on Google.
  1. Make changes in Feeds: This is perhaps the best time to revisit feed optimization for all your AdWords campaigns. Data feed changes can always be time-consuming and intimidating as well, but at the same time it also has a significant impact on Google SEO, click-through rate and conversions too. Are you aware of the recent Shopping Campaign updates of Google? Custom Labels, Google Shopping Campaign Structure are some of them. You also need to enrich your product information by enhancing product title SEO and user search queries for title optimization. Design your product descriptions in the best way possible and identify top performing and seasonal seller groups.
  1. Optimize Big Data: Google Shopping Campaigns are indeed a great way of tracking and leveraging Google data for Shopping campaigns. Some useful Google Shopping tools that your competitor might be using to out leverage you are Bid Simulator, Impression Share, Benchmark Click Through Rate, Max Cost per Click and SKU Level Reporting. You might create an ad schedule for your Google Shopping Campaigns and then break it out into 4hour blocks. Always consider running ads during the peak times on off-days to measure and test performance and modify and spend on budget.
  1. Leverage Search Trends: Yes, it’s true that mobile is the fastest-growing segment of e-commerce and your competitors are all leveraging mobile-specific device bids and they’re also optimizing exposure for holiday season. We’ve seen that the conversion rate on mobile traffic is pretty low but still mobile is still an important part of a solid Google strategy. If your website is not mobile-optimized, you can start off with a bid of 25-50% on mobile traffic. In order to change your device bid for mobile in AdWords, you can navigate to the settings tab in your Shopping Campaign and then select Devices and this way you can change your mobile bid.
Hence, if you don’t want to be mowed down by your online competitors, you can take into account the above mentioned things that they’re doing to pull you down. Take the required precautionary steps to stay on top.

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