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Mobile-Friendly Site Testing Tool Launched By Google

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It was on the 18th of November, 2014 that Google announced the launch of an extremely useful mobile-friendly test tool through which you could check if your website passes the criteria set by Google for what it can be considered to be a mobile-optimized site. Are you wondering why it is important to meet the mobile-friendly criteria set by Google? If answered yes, then it’s because they’re soon going to add a “mobile-friendly” label in its search results against the sites that pass this criteria.

Nowadays, most internet users are accessing the websites on their mobile devices and not on their laptops or desktops. People are leading a busy life and they simply don’t have time to sit with their desktops and access things. This is why they use smartphones on which they can do anything and everything that they could with their computer. This shift in the usage of internet has also forced the SEO people to change the way they think of capturing the market. Now instead of concentrating more on web SEO, they have to think more on mobile SEO. How should the webpages look when they’re opened on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets? These are the considerations that baffle the SEO analysts.

The “mobile-friendly” label is indeed a new one and there’s no way to know how it will affect your click-through rate. But after this has been introduced, it is a safe bet that all mobile searchers will visit the page labelled “mobile-friendly” before visiting a page rather than visit a page without that label.

Abiding by Google’s criteria- Will this impact your rankings?

You must be wondering why you have to strictly abide by the criteria set in by Google regarding the “mobile-friendly” label. Well, the simple reason is because it might impact your rankings. They say that they see these labels as the initial step in assisting the mobile users to have a better web experience. They’re also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal. The equation will be very simple where a site with the mobile-friendly label will rank higher in search engine results than a site without the same label. With that being the case, without this label with your website, you could potentially be turning away worthy mobile visitors. This change will be rolled out globally within the next few weeks and so you still have enough time to get your site up to the level.

What does Google consider as a “mobile-friendly” site? Here are the criteria:

·         A site that averts the software programs that are not common on mobile devices like Flash

·         Places links far apart so that the correct one can be effortlessly tapped

·         Uses text that can be read without zooming and

·         A site that sizes content to the screen so that the users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom.

So, if all of the above points apply to your website, then you will most likely get a “mobile-friendly” label. And in case you’re not sure whether or not it applies, you can take Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool for a spin.

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