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Google’s New logo – What Does It Actually Mean?

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Google's New Logo
You would have perhaps never known the fact that green is the color of reading if you weren’t a designer or someone belonging to the designing company. If you’re someone who is well-versed about the news in the SEO industry, you will know that Google launched its new sans serif logo that perfectly looks so modern. Moreover, the little blue “g” icon has vanished too and it has been replaced by a capital G with all the colors of Google in it, which makes it look more like a rainbow. Do you have any idea of the explanations that Google gave for making such changes?

What Google mentions in a blog post

Recently we came across a blog post where the company said that people expected Google to help them whenever and wherever they needed, whether on their mobile devices, watches, TV, the dashboard that you’ve fitted in your car and yes of course on your desktop. This is why they have introduced the new logo that reflects the reality and shows people how the magic of Google is working even on the tiniest of the screens. People unanimously acknowledge throughout the world that the magic of Google is working for everyone.

What does the new logo tell people?

According to the words of Google, the new logo doesn’t only tell you the way you’re using Google but it also shows you how Google is working for you and on your behalf. For instance the new mic of Google has become colorful and it helps you determine the way you interact with Google, whether talking, typing or tapping. People are involved with Google in such a way that they feel that Google is watching their steps and might be standing behind their back. From the core of your heart, what does the new logo represent? Those who are deeply cynical, for them it might just be a feel-good element. But it is definitely a cheery and bright touch-up logo that people are beginning to feel more than ever. Google’s interpretations of this new logo are purely magical and they emphasise on the magic that is created by Google in everybody’s life. Hence, what do you feel for Google’s new logo? Do you prefer this one over the previous one or do you think that the previous one depicted the aims of Google in a better way? Whatever may be your answer, we can definitely believe that Google is God!

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