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Keyword Targeting Tips For Twitter - What Are The Techniques Involved?

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keyword targeting strategy for twitter ads

Twitter ads offers targeting keywords for your promoted Tweets in the timelines of the users and this allows the marketers and advertisers to target the user specifically based on the definite keywords which they have used in their recent tweets or any kind of content in which they have been engaged. If you’re wondering about the keyword targeting strategies with Twitter ads, you can take into account the points mentioned below.

  • Think Google Display Network: This is similar to the contextual keyword targeting of Google Display Network and advertisers can promote Tweets based on the keywords within the content that the users have engaged with and those that you are presently viewing. Keyword targeting therefore offers a simply way of reaching out to the users with the relevant content in accordance with the keywords. A simple trick of getting your keyword up and ranking is by taking a list of high performing keywords from the GDN campaign and then applying them to a Twitter campaign.
  • Enhance your reach for maximum exposure: When it comes to Twitter ads, you get the option of using long term phrase and negative keyword targeting. Phrase-matched keywords are the most popular ones but most often the result it gives is limited enough. To maximize the users who visit your campaigns, you may start off with broad match keywords. You can reach out to a greater audience in this way and also track your performance data.
  • Maintain real time: We all know that Twitter is a real-time network and keyword targeting can also be used for real time marketing opportunities. Make sure the promotional tweets target the right keywords to promote the products to the targeted attendees. This will soon appear as fresh and new content for the users and they will more likely engage with it.
  • Employ the right tricks: This strategy should be more advanced and it should require 2 different campaigns to utilize keyword targeting. In the initial campaign, you can easily leverage a unique hashtag in order to capture interest with the promoted Tweet and in the second campaign use keyword targeting to target only the unique hashtag. This will reach out to the users which are engaged with the first campaign.
Hence, for adopting the right keyword targeting strategy take into account the above mentioned points so that you can easily be able to strike the right audience. Know more about social media ads targeting here.

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