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B2B Companies And Their 5 Popular Social Media Trends In 2017

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With the dawning of another year, the expectations, regardless of whether it is from your business that you run from a brick and mortar office or virtual world always change and evolve for the better. This betterment is directed not just towards the company but also for the clients or prospective leads.

Since “change is constant”, in this article, let us find out what social media trends you can expect to witness in the current year 2017 as far as social media efforts and initiatives for B2B companies are concerned.

5 social media trends for B2B business identities

Given below are details of the same that you can go through for a better insight

1. Interactive content

As per expert opinion it is being ascertained that in 2017 majority of the B2B companies will adopt the policy to tempt visitors/prospective leads with content that is interactive and most importantly exemplified by visual presentation. Few of the highly engaging content types that will keep visitors engaged include the likes of FAQ section (Q &A), product demonstrations, live streaming, and video blogging. Also, aside from the above avenues, social media platforms will be used extensively for marketing purposes.

2. Working on conversion rates

It is being assumed that more and more B2B companies will put in all efforts and strive hard to increase their rate of conversion. Assessment of social Return on Investment and an increased effort to improve upon lead conversion will be the emphasis of the year. By applying appropriate analytics and enhance social media marketing budget, these companies will lay stress on how to enhance revenues from conversions on the social media platforms.

3. Customer Experience

Reports suggest that in the previous year 2016, many B2B companies had agreed that it was not a “customer centric” approach that they had adopted in the previous years. However, it is being increasingly felt that “customer centric organizational” efforts are much needed to get clients that are new and also to retain them. As such, these companies will have to put in extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction and that the customer experience is good. On the other hand, even clients would like to receive personalized attention and services. Since customers are always flooded with numerous options, they can choose between service providers. As such, as a B2B company, it will be essential to draw them to your “store”, whether it is virtually or offline. Few of the social media marketing platforms/media that will be prominent in 2017 for B2B business promotion will include the following-






Interactive content

More and more customers will shop on their mobiles. As such, your marketing strategies ought to be directed towards the same. Studies have proved that as of 2016, 49% of the clients followed businesses on their hand held gadgets. As such, the marketing plans ought to be such that your products and services are available on mobiles aside from the desktop website.

4. Interaction in real-time

It is increasingly essential for the B2B companies to develop “immediate touch points” if they want their brands to become popular. There are a number of measures you can take as a B2B marketer, which include-

• Keeping tab on keywords, key phrases, hashtags

• Incorporate a so called “listening tool” to keep track of the above social ROI

• Refresh content regularly

• Maintaining a user friendly editorial can work wonders

5. Enhanced and improved social ad tools

In order to stand out from the rest of the B2B marketers, it is increasingly important to make the best use of the various tools that are being introduced by the social media platforms. By making judicious use of these tools, you can expect your social ROI to improve remarkably. These include –

• “Moments tab” by Twitter

• Facebook’s dynamic ads and carousel ads

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