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Siri or Google Voice Search – Take Your Pick

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Google is and has always been a search engine major, it goes without saying but Siri is not far behind. It is being said that after Google’s mobile search, perhaps Siri is the one that is eligible for the next place or is one that gives Google a tough competition.

As per recent reports, the number of mobile searches on Siri far exceeded that of Bing and Yahoo, when it came to searches on the hand held devices.

In this article, this is exactly what has been discussed. So, let us delve deeper into the facts.

A point to prove

Statistical data indicates that the search engine major enjoyed an edge over the other search engines and is still regarded as dominant. When the percentage of search share on mobile devices was calculated for Android and iOS devices, it was found that in case of the former, the search share was approximately 90% whereas, in case of
iPhone mobile searches, it was 77%. However, it does not stop just there. The report was prepared after conducting a survey that included as many as 800 adults residing in United States. And these individuals were divided into 2 groups, one group comprised individuals using Android operating system driven devices and the other group comprised iOS users.

Once the outcome was recorded it was found that many individuals regarded Siri as their second choice just next to Google mobile search surpassing even Yahoo and Bing. The survey was conducted taking into account the search activity of individuals during the first quarter of 2017. The study was conducted by Fivesight Research.

Outcome of the survey

It was observed that 13% of the users used Siri as their primary search engine and this was true for the iPhone users. However, no concrete conclusion can be drawn as the study involved just 800 adults that were segregated into Android and iOS users. But an important aspect that is reflected in the study results is that more and more people are turning to voice searches as compared to the conventional search methods.

Preferred virtual assistance

Aside from being the primary search engine for iPhone users, Siri was also being extensively used as virtual assistant mostly for iPhone users. Also, it was found out that the number of users making use of Siri as virtual assistant far outnumbered the individuals that were using Google Now by Android smartphone users.

A break from the monotony

The results of the study not only highlight the preferences of smart phone and iPhone users but it also highlights their level of trust and compatibility. It was also found out that more and more people are seeking aid of virtual assistants in order to simplify their ‘searching’ exercise. This study also indicated that majority of the iPhone users make use of virtual assistants but only a small percentage (16%) did not. On the other hand, the percentage of Android users that did not make use of virtual assistants was more and recorded at 40%.

Cortana, Google Now, Siri

As mentioned above, 16% of iPhone users did not use virtual assistants and 40% Android users did not. But there are iPhone users that make use of virtual assistants other than its own Siri, namely, Google Now was used by 10%, Cortana was used by 4% among iPhone users.

On the other hand, among Android users, Cortana was being used by 10% and the rest were using virtual assistants other than Google Now.

Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, what matters is how smoothly and fast you are getting your work done with the help of the virtual assistants.

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