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Content Management System – Which One Is Right For You

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If you are an online entrepreneur, CMS or Content Management System is one thing that you cannot do without. These applications are basically web based and are designed so that they can help in creating and updating websites. Majority of them are equipped with plug-ins or themes that enhance the functionality and also make it easier to maintain the website on a regular basis.

Factors to compare before selecting CMS

Choosing the right CMS is oftentimes tricky and you need to assess few factors that will determine which one is the best for your business needs. So, here let us take a look at the factors that will make it easier for you to decide the one that is best for you. They are as follows-

• Proficiency in technical know-how

You have three options to choose from depending on your technical know-how and most importantly your requirement. If you are confident with CSS and HTML and know the coding aspects of the website, you can try using Drupal or ExpressionEngine. In the event you are not confident in handling coding for your website and want an application that will allow you to customize the websites, you can use Webydo. If you want that you should be allowed some flexibility in the way you handle coding and other designing aspects of websites, Wordpress is the best bet.

• How cost effective is it

The fact that there are many such CMS applications available makes it difficult to zero-in on the right solution. While few are offered for free, there are others that you will have to invest in. Alternatively, there are many that will require you to subscribe. Many such applications will offer features like software upgrades that are automatic and web hosting properties. However, pricing is not the only factor that you should compare while selecting Content Management System.

• Features availability

When you are selecting one such application, just make sure that you compare the features that are available. While few of the solutions are available with unique and extra features and are usually “out of the box”, there are yet others that come with add-ons and plug-ins. Specifically, if you are looking for features that will help you in maintaining your website, find out whether or not these features will be available when you select that application or CMS. This can be better understood with an example. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website and you want that the application should come with E-commerce enabled features; there are platforms that will help you in this regard.

• Support from developers of platforms

Support or so called after-care team is crucial for any client. Find out whether or not the application you have selected is backed by professionals that are ready to offer their support in case of troubleshooting instances. Also, there are several online communities that offer their opinion on applications and their features. The community you are looking for after being associated with the new platform should be able to offer solutions and answer your queries in the event of emergency. The relationship or association between the members of the community should be healthy and useful.

• Reviews

It is important to get feedback of any product that you intend to use. Ask for referrals or talk to your peers and friends and family that have used one or are using presently. It will help you to decide better about the application that will help you better. If one CMS solution works best for one business entity, the same solution may not work for your business. As such there is no “umbrella” solution for all business entities. The above mentioned factors will help you to decide which CMS will yield the best results.

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