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Google’s Mobile first index – Impact On SEO And Launch Date

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A brief explanation for the ones those are unaware of the concept of mobile-first index. More and more individuals are searching and browsing for information on their cell phones or mobiles. As such, the search engine major has decided that it will use the mobile version of the websites as its “primary search engine index”.

All these years, the search engine major has crawled websites that were basically desktop versions but as the number of mobile users has increased remarkably, it will prioritize mobile searches as compared first to desktop searches thereby making it easier for mobile users to access information promptly.

In this article, the different aspects will be covered in the following order –
          Impact on SEO and steps for better results

          • Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Impact on SEO strategies

Google has over the years taken measures to improve user experience and cater to its users regardless of whether it is a desktop user or a mobile user. However, since majority of the searches come from mobiles these days, the above mentioned steps were taken but have not been fully implemented as yet. However, Google has made it clear that the new strategy pertaining to indexing should in no way affect the search rankings in a drastic manner. It is being assumed that the step has been taken to better user experience because it has introduced the concept of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As far as impact on SEO strategies is concerned, it is being ascertained that the measure won’t prove to be “disruptive” or “bold” for the SEO professionals provided you abide by the ethics of SEO and have been ethical in your SEO approaches. However, you can take the following steps to ensure that you function smoothly as far as SEO is concerned. These are as follows-

          • Mobile version – a must -If you haven’t done it as yet, make sure you have a mobile version of your website immediately. Most importantly, incorporate the concept of responsive design for your mobile website.

          • Update constantly – If you have both the desktop and mobile versions, treat both of them equally and when you update them, do so simultaneously. Maintain a balance. Another important requisite is that when it comes to expandable content, it makes sense in incorporating the same in a mobile version of a website but not so much when it comes to the desktop version of any website.

          • App development – Although having a mobile website does not necessarily mean that you have to develop apps but if you do, you will enjoy an edge over others.

          • Prioritize mobile users – Since the mobile-first-index will primarily tap the mobile users, it is important to cater to their needs first and address unattended issues related to your mobile version of the website.

Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Although, webmasters and SEO professionals are trying hard to figure out the probable date of the launch of mobile-first-index transition, according to a prominent analyst for Google webmaster trends, was of the opinion that the concept might not be implemented before 2018, although he was not able to provide an exact date for the same. He also stated that initially it was thought that the change could be made by the end of 2017; however, it appears that it will not take place before 2018.

The webmaster trends analyst also stated that the search engine giant will make sure that the change does not hurt the ones not inclined to using mobile versions of websites. He also said that it will take several years when the transition will be absolute.

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