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How Does Digital Marketing Differ From Traditional Marketing?

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For small sized business entities, it is sometimes a bit difficult to choose between traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. This is because they have a limited budget within which they have to operate and it becomes financially strenuous if these very business entities have to invest in both. However, the case is not the same with medium or the stalwarts operating in the market. They can afford to launch their marketing campaigns both online as well as offline. However, what matters is which will reap greater benefits? There are a number of factors that govern the same. This write up will highlight on the pros and cons of both types of marketing. So, read on.

Assuming that the term traditional marketing is not alien to all, the advertisement of products and services that you get to see in print media like flyers, brochures, magazines, billboards, kiosks, television, and radio can be included in traditional marketing as compared to digital marketing that is prevalent on social media platforms, your hand held devices, and cell phones.

Benefits of traditional marketing

Although, there is a lot of hue and cry about digital marketing, nevertheless, traditional marketing benefits cannot be undermined. Hard copy marketing can yield great results in the long run. They are-

          • Advertisement materials are stored You have the hard copy of the advertisement at your disposal. And if required they can be distributed around.

          • Tap the local client base – When you are putting flyers and leaflets in your neighbors physical mail box, if found interesting, these flyers can be read over and over again.

          • A personal touch – When you are handing over a flyer to a prospective client, there is personal touch or kind of one-on-one if you get the opportunity to discuss your business plans and goals.

Downside of traditional marketing

However, one of the greatest drawbacks of hard copy marketing is that it can get expensive and you cannot ascertain the success rate with the marketing materials available. Moreover, the returns are not clear and uncertain. You market your products with the hope that few might patronize your products and services.

Benefits of digital marketing

Alternatively, these days, digital marketing has gained immense prominence and let us find out the benefits and drawbacks too.

          • Target broad spectrum of audience – As compared to traditional marketing where you can target local audience, in this you can reach out across the globe. The national as well as your international arena is the market place for you.
          • Cost effective – As compared to conventional marketing expenses, the cost you have to incur on digital marketing is lower.

          • Audience feedback is possible – Unlike conventional marketing strategies and campaigns when you will be able to get feedback only if you interact personally or receive complaints and appreciation through paper mails, digital marketing offers better opportunity for interaction between sellers and buyers. In fact, you can also track the behavior of a consumer and decide how you can rework your marketing strategies to suit your target audience and get better returns.

          • Brand reputation and visibility – Your brand gets highlighted faster and your brand name becomes prominent within a short time.

          • Returns assessment in real time – You are in a better position to assess your returns and results in real time if you track the visitors, subscribers, conversion rates, and peak trading time slots.

          • Social media platforms do the magic – Anything that trends these days becomes viral virtually. By using share buttons and likes, you can expect your message to reach innumerable visitors instantly within no time.

Clubbing traditional and digital marketing techniques

It has been observed that the business entities that choose to operate making use of both the avenues excel within no time. Instead of opting for a single marketing option, it is best to make use of both keeping your operating budget in mind. Opt for a strategy in which both the methods complement each other.

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