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Addressable TV and OLV – Tips For Marketers

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In 2015 alone, expenses incurred on advertisements related to addressable TV was recorded at a whopping $400 million in United States, which eventually escalated to $890 million by the year 2016. With increase and improved purchasing power among the people, it is being assumed that more and more people will opt for the addressable TVs.

A bright future ahead

Few reasons why this “non-traditional” way of watching TV has become one of the most sought after platforms for advertising can be attributed to the fact that satellite operators as well as cable service providers have come all out in a huge way to improve their services thereby targeting a greater spectrum of audience.

In fact, as per reports furnished by the Video Advertising Bureau (from Starcom MediaVest) numbers, it is being assumed that Addressable TV was viewed by more than 50 million families in 2016-mid alone.

Also, the fact that these days, people can “demand” their own channels and platforms have made it an ideal place for promotion of services and products.

As such, more and more brand managers as well as advertisers are going out of their way to tap the multifaceted audience available through these platforms. One of the biggest advantages of advertising through addressable TV platforms is that it is way much easier for the marketers to calculate the ROI or the Return on Investment.

Tapping the prime time slots for brand promotion

How can marketers enhance brand visibility through addressable TVs? Let us find out. 

  • The marketers can put up their ads through addressable TVs in between programs and shows that are popular and are viewed by majority of the people. 

  • There are many cable operators that allow commercials to be viewed at particular time slots. In fact, as a marketer you can also opt for time slots that are offered to you for On-demand programs and shows. 

However, the success of marketing through the addressable TVs still requires to be assessed due to the fact that not all cable companies offer the same facilities and technology to the advertisers and marketers, the main reason that has led to the disparity.

Online video and its impact on buying

As far as online video is concerned, experts are of the opinion that the prospect is bright and this particular platform will eat into a major portion of consumer market.

However, according to advertisers, this particular platform of OLV or Online Video has still not taken off completely as it should have been. And the main reason they cite is essentially the budget.

One of the most widely used OLV platforms is YouTube. It will not be wrong to say that it has better outreach to audiences as compared to addressable TVs or other platforms. But not all OLV players in the market will be able to perform as well as YouTube, which is a brand in its own right.

In fact, these days, there are many marketers and advertisers that make use of YouTube to market their brand, products, and services.

Difference in audience type in addressable TV and OLV

Few experts are of the opinion that OLV has a greater reach and the ROI is also more in this case. Why is it so? This is because as far as audience type is concerned, studies have proved that OLV has much more affluent viewers that are tech savvy, have greater disposable income, and so called “digital natives”, which explains the greater ROI.

Another very good reason for opting for OLV as compared to addressable TV is that OLV works on the principle of clicking on ads. As such, if your ads reach the right set of people, the conversion rates are higher too.

As such, when comparing addressable TV and OLV audience, the ROI is more in both the cases but may differ as far as ROI is concerned. It is after all clickable ads that have instant conversions against so called “message recalls” in case of addressable TVs.

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