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How to buy a used iPhone – An Overview

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Everyone wants to own an iPhone but not everyone can afford to buy one as it is expensive and is not a device that is easily parted with. Moreover, iPhones usually receive updates regularly with respect to software and this is also one of the reasons why it is much sought after. However, the so called used iPhone market is a huge place out there and it is quite likely that you might get hoodwinked unless you are on your guard.

You have to make sure that the iPhone you intend to lay your hands on is not one that is stolen, replaced or iPhone that has been involved in any claim related to insurance. In order that you find the best one for yourself, you can follow the steps that have been mentioned below and take note of these main aspects-

1. IMEI number

First and foremost, you must verify this number and find out whether it is the same on the software and the body of the phone. It is very important to know what your phone has been subjected to and this is not possible if the body has been replaced. The IMEI number is usually mentioned at the back.
You have to find out if it is the same as the one mentioned on the OS. Also, you will find many such tools that will allow you to know if the IMEI number of the iPhone you are planning to buy is blocked or not.

2. Status of activation lock

With the advent of iOS 7, Apple has emphasized greatly on security features so that the incidence of stolen iPhones being sold is minimized or kept in check. You will not be able to use the phone if it has Apple ID linked of the previous owner and also if the feature Find my iPhone is turned on. This will prevent you from setting up a new ID unless it is recovered by typing in the old password.

3. Erasing previous data

Prior to setting up your new ID and linking it with your account in iCloud, it is important that every data that was present on the phone of the previous owner be erased entirely. In other words you “unlink” the previous owner’s data so that your data can be fed into the phone.

4. Find carrier compatibility

It has been observed that starting from iPhone 5 onwards; this device is compatible with almost all network of service providers or carrier. Also, there are few carriers like AT&T that offers stronger signals as far as feature LTE is concerned. As such, you may not get the same facility if you are opting for another carrier. So, find out which carrier will offer the most beneficial service with the kind of iPhone device you are planning to invest in.

5. Condition of battery

It is a well known fact that the battery of iPhone cannot be replaced. As such, you have to be sure that the condition of the battery is good. An iPhone that has not been used too often will definitely have a better battery condition as compared to one that has been through a lot of use.

An important aspect in this regard while buying used iPhone is that in the event you have to return the used phone if the battery betrays you after few days, whether or not you will be able to return the device. This is because if you buy a used iPhone only to find that the condition of the battery is not as promised or assured by the vendor then your cash goes down the drain unless you are allowed to return it.

Last but not the least; a lot also depend on your luck and how judiciously you can go about the shopping process when you are buying used iPhone.

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