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Social Media Marketing Trends 2018 – What To Expect

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The social media marketing arena is a dynamic environment with changes that take place throughout the year. Having reached the end of 2017 almost (with a few days to go), it has been observed that the main players included the likes of bots, influencer marketing, and video marketing, which comprised an integral part of digital marketing in the current year.

However, this scenario, it is being anticipated is slated to change in 2018 and in this write up, these changes are being discussed and emphasized on. So, read on for more information.

Prime areas that will undergo changes

It may be mentioned here that video as well as influencer marketing will continue to be an integral part of digital marketing even in 2018. Also, it is being assumed that the concept of “Ephemeral marketing” will assume greater significance.

Given below are the main spheres that are expected to witness change and these includes the following. 

    Rise in popularity of Instagram Stories

Studies reveal that within a span of a year, as many as 200 plus million individuals are using Instagram Stories every month. As such, it is being prevised that the number will certainly grow by leaps and bounds in 2018. One of the main features that have attracted all and sundry to it are the ease with which you can create these stories and the endless options that you can make use of.

    Influencer Marketing

It is being expected that USD$24 million is the total spend figure on sponsored posts by influencers that will be attained in 2018. And this is being emphasized upon because more and more so called influencer marketers have stretched their budgets for the New Year. The impact of social influencers benefits the marketers to a great extent. Also, unlike conventional methods of marketing, influencer marketing will not force or “push” products to consumers and this is another factor that allows it to look “credible”.

    Content and messaging

This particular feature does not require explanation or introduction because messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat are increasingly using their client base to convey their brand message. And this trend is expected to gain prominence in 2018 and every virtual marketer will try to tap the potential of the same. The same will be done with content that is engaging, useful, and informative.

    Live Videos

As mentioned in the beginning of this write-up, live videos have occupied center stage in the present year and will continue to do so in the New Year. 

As per visitor feedback and reviews, it was found that online visitors spend more time in watching live videos as compared to video that are pre-recorded. As such, this particular avenue of information source will assume greater significance. 

These Live videos have improved performance of many online companies socially and visitor engagement improved remarkably. As such, tapping the potential of live videos ought to be one of your main strategies as far as digital marketing is concerned. 

Aside from the points mentioned above, there are several other trends that are expected to gain prominence and few of them have been stated in the points below-

  • Productivity will be enhanced if you can allow creativity to occupy center stage
  • Emojis are the much sought after popular virtual language
  • Artificial Intelligence will be important and a subject that will be worked upon and is likely to expand its horizon
  • Blog will be the new medium of communication
  • The micro blogging site Twitter will go on to become a “social environment and movement”.
  • Greater emphasis has to be upon the “communities” and consumers” and how you can successfully retain them in the long run.

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