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SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2019 – An Overview

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SEO experts have pinned their hopes for 2019 and it is being anticipated that it can be a “revolutionary” year for the SEO industry. Balancing artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality on one hand and blockchain technology and virtual reality on the other, there might be massive manifestation of SEO strategies and shifts in the same that work in tandem with the above technologies.

In the paragraphs that follow, let us explore the trends that you can expect in the SEO world and how search engine optimizers should work upon the same.

Top SEO 2019 predictions – What to expect

Check out the points below what industry experts have to say about SEO and its nuances-

  • Mobile-first indexing to continue - 2019 will essentially be a year of “voice” and will gain prominence as compared to 2018. Also, mobile-first indexing will become popular and search engine professionals will realize that it does not make sense in building websites for desktops but rather divert their efforts for building mobile-friendly websites.

  • Blockchain technology- There are many that are expecting Blockchain technology to change the manner in which SEO functions at the technical level. 

  • Amazon Search Optimization- It is being also said that AMSO or Amazon Search Optimization is slated to take over the voice search trend in 2019. Since this is one trend that is sure to catch up, it becomes even more important for the SEO specialists to understand the underlying concept that governs the SEO industry. Professionals have to stay abreast with the technology that influences voice search since it differs from the conventional keyword search. 

  • Artificial Intelligence- As far as Artificial Intelligence is concerned, it will become even more omnipresent. As such, it is mandatory for the search engine professionals to work hands-on on assignments that are driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Virtual Reality- Not much is being anticipated about the impact of virtual reality technology on SEO anytime soon, experts are of the opinion that it will take several years for this technology to influence the SEO industry. 

  • Mobile searches- The number of mobile searches will escalate. People search while they are on the move and from the comfort of their houses and offices. So, SEO strategies have to be channelized for mobile searches. 

  • Amazon search – Studies reveal that approximately more than 50% of the consumers resort to Amazon search for looking for products. This is a shift that has been observed of late and Amazon is becoming the new “search engine” instead of Google as far as product search is concerned. 

  • Voice search – More and more consumers are opting for voice search. Interestingly, it may be mentioned here that the manner in which results are generated is very different than keyword search. In case of voice search, generally long tailed keywords are generated. As such, when you optimize keywords, the long tailed keywords have to be optimized for voice search in order to get greater web traffic to your website. 

  • Code Optimization – In 2019, more than keyword the “intent” behind the keyword or keyphrase search is becoming even more important. And this is being enhanced by voice search. 

  • Security – Security will become even more important. Hosting websites on secured servers, encrypting data and regularly updating website is the need of the hour and will be greatly stressed upon. To get better ranking in Google, the already existing norm of maintaining secure protocol, namely, https versus http will gain importance. 

It is best in the interest not just of clients but also for adhering to the latest trends, it does make sense in following the trends that will determine the success of your business in 2019.

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