Thursday, 9 August 2018


How Will Block Chain Technology Impact Digital Marketing

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Although people have been aware of the concept of Bitcoin ever since it made inroads into the financial markets way back in the year 2013-2014, however, little have they understood the underlying concept or technology that governs all transactions involving the Bitcoins. So, what is it in the first place?

Blockchain is a transaction ledger within a network that is known by each nodal point in the network and that which is essentially decentralized, maintained, owned, and most importantly regularly updated by these very nodal points.
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Monday, 18 December 2017


How to identify spoofed reviews online

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Regardless of the type of product you are aiming to buy, these days you can find out about the product from the many review websites that are available. And if you can browse through one that offers authentic information about the product or services that you are aiming to pay for, it becomes easier for you to decide whether or not you should spend your hard earned money for the same.

However, the fact that there are innumerable websites that offer reviews related to various products and services has made it difficult for the common man to get convinced if a particular product is really good or not. 

Hoodwinking and manipulating investment opportunities is not a healthy way to conduct business, be it from a brick and mortar store or virtually.

Tips to spot fake reviews online

Go through the following points to find out more-

1. Status of the reviewer

If you have landed on a web page that offers fake reviews, you will not be able to find information about the reviewer. Not only that, this particular reviewer will log in once in a while and use almost the same words and phrases rearranged in various sequences and represent a product. Also, his online presence cannot be traced on any social media platforms.

2. Views expressed are confusing or extreme

Experts are of the opinion that the fake review websites that offer recommendations or suggestions whether to buy a particular product or not are most of times confusing or offer reviews that are extreme. It means opinions can be either entirely negative or positive and there is no midway or pros and cons are not weighed properly. Sometimes the ones that give positive reviews are the ones that are so called “loyal customers of the brand or store”.

3. Use of vocabulary

It has also been observed that the fake reviewers in an attempt to establish themselves as true guests (at hotels in case of hotel or restaurants) reviewers or buyers (of different products belonging to any category) use more of the words ‘I’, ‘My’, and ‘We’. Also, they tend to use language and words that sound unreal and untrue and to prevent themselves from being caught, they tend to finish off the lines in short.

4. Check for dates of reviews

Regardless of the fake review websites you are going through; always try to look for dates on which the reviews were published. In most of the cases, fake reviews will tend to be repetitive on various dates with few words and phrases changed here and there.

Also, the website will be full of advertisements. And even if visitors don’t return to the website for the second time, the owner of the website has nothing to lose because through fake reviews, he is making money through affiliate marketing.

And it can be safely said that not all visitors are able to understand the difference between fake and real reviews. So, even if a few hundred visitors buy products by clicking on links, the website owner will still make some money.

5. Cross check reviews

If you have a hunch that the reviewer is fake, try to look for reviews written by the same reviewer related to other categories. For instance, if you were just going through a review related to beauty product, find out his approach towards a product belonging to another category like travel or lifestyle.

The fake reviewer will be vague in his approach in all the cases and the intelligent reader will be able to understand that he is only “beating around the bush” without having experienced the product or the place first hand.

The ones that have been mentioned above are just few of the points. There are various others that can help you to spot fake websites offering fake reviews.
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How to buy a used iPhone – An Overview

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Everyone wants to own an iPhone but not everyone can afford to buy one as it is expensive and is not a device that is easily parted with. Moreover, iPhones usually receive updates regularly with respect to software and this is also one of the reasons why it is much sought after. However, the so called used iPhone market is a huge place out there and it is quite likely that you might get hoodwinked unless you are on your guard.

You have to make sure that the iPhone you intend to lay your hands on is not one that is stolen, replaced or iPhone that has been involved in any claim related to insurance. In order that you find the best one for yourself, you can follow the steps that have been mentioned below and take note of these main aspects-

1. IMEI number

First and foremost, you must verify this number and find out whether it is the same on the software and the body of the phone. It is very important to know what your phone has been subjected to and this is not possible if the body has been replaced. The IMEI number is usually mentioned at the back.
You have to find out if it is the same as the one mentioned on the OS. Also, you will find many such tools that will allow you to know if the IMEI number of the iPhone you are planning to buy is blocked or not.

2. Status of activation lock

With the advent of iOS 7, Apple has emphasized greatly on security features so that the incidence of stolen iPhones being sold is minimized or kept in check. You will not be able to use the phone if it has Apple ID linked of the previous owner and also if the feature Find my iPhone is turned on. This will prevent you from setting up a new ID unless it is recovered by typing in the old password.

3. Erasing previous data

Prior to setting up your new ID and linking it with your account in iCloud, it is important that every data that was present on the phone of the previous owner be erased entirely. In other words you “unlink” the previous owner’s data so that your data can be fed into the phone.

4. Find carrier compatibility

It has been observed that starting from iPhone 5 onwards; this device is compatible with almost all network of service providers or carrier. Also, there are few carriers like AT&T that offers stronger signals as far as feature LTE is concerned. As such, you may not get the same facility if you are opting for another carrier. So, find out which carrier will offer the most beneficial service with the kind of iPhone device you are planning to invest in.

5. Condition of battery

It is a well known fact that the battery of iPhone cannot be replaced. As such, you have to be sure that the condition of the battery is good. An iPhone that has not been used too often will definitely have a better battery condition as compared to one that has been through a lot of use.

An important aspect in this regard while buying used iPhone is that in the event you have to return the used phone if the battery betrays you after few days, whether or not you will be able to return the device. This is because if you buy a used iPhone only to find that the condition of the battery is not as promised or assured by the vendor then your cash goes down the drain unless you are allowed to return it.

Last but not the least; a lot also depend on your luck and how judiciously you can go about the shopping process when you are buying used iPhone.
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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Addressable TV and OLV – Tips For Marketers

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In 2015 alone, expenses incurred on advertisements related to addressable TV was recorded at a whopping $400 million in United States, which eventually escalated to $890 million by the year 2016. With increase and improved purchasing power among the people, it is being assumed that more and more people will opt for the addressable TVs.

A bright future ahead

Few reasons why this “non-traditional” way of watching TV has become one of the most sought after platforms for advertising can be attributed to the fact that satellite operators as well as cable service providers have come all out in a huge way to improve their services thereby targeting a greater spectrum of audience.

In fact, as per reports furnished by the Video Advertising Bureau (from Starcom MediaVest) numbers, it is being assumed that Addressable TV was viewed by more than 50 million families in 2016-mid alone.

Also, the fact that these days, people can “demand” their own channels and platforms have made it an ideal place for promotion of services and products.

As such, more and more brand managers as well as advertisers are going out of their way to tap the multifaceted audience available through these platforms. One of the biggest advantages of advertising through addressable TV platforms is that it is way much easier for the marketers to calculate the ROI or the Return on Investment.

Tapping the prime time slots for brand promotion

How can marketers enhance brand visibility through addressable TVs? Let us find out. 

  • The marketers can put up their ads through addressable TVs in between programs and shows that are popular and are viewed by majority of the people. 

  • There are many cable operators that allow commercials to be viewed at particular time slots. In fact, as a marketer you can also opt for time slots that are offered to you for On-demand programs and shows. 

However, the success of marketing through the addressable TVs still requires to be assessed due to the fact that not all cable companies offer the same facilities and technology to the advertisers and marketers, the main reason that has led to the disparity.

Online video and its impact on buying

As far as online video is concerned, experts are of the opinion that the prospect is bright and this particular platform will eat into a major portion of consumer market.

However, according to advertisers, this particular platform of OLV or Online Video has still not taken off completely as it should have been. And the main reason they cite is essentially the budget.

One of the most widely used OLV platforms is YouTube. It will not be wrong to say that it has better outreach to audiences as compared to addressable TVs or other platforms. But not all OLV players in the market will be able to perform as well as YouTube, which is a brand in its own right.

In fact, these days, there are many marketers and advertisers that make use of YouTube to market their brand, products, and services.

Difference in audience type in addressable TV and OLV

Few experts are of the opinion that OLV has a greater reach and the ROI is also more in this case. Why is it so? This is because as far as audience type is concerned, studies have proved that OLV has much more affluent viewers that are tech savvy, have greater disposable income, and so called “digital natives”, which explains the greater ROI.

Another very good reason for opting for OLV as compared to addressable TV is that OLV works on the principle of clicking on ads. As such, if your ads reach the right set of people, the conversion rates are higher too.

As such, when comparing addressable TV and OLV audience, the ROI is more in both the cases but may differ as far as ROI is concerned. It is after all clickable ads that have instant conversions against so called “message recalls” in case of addressable TVs.
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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Optimizing Images For Better Search Results

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Image optimization has always been a matter of prime importance as far as ranking and visibility of any website is concerned. A lot has changed since the times of “dial-up Internet”. It has evolved over the years only for the better. However, in order to remain in the race and to stay visible in this virtually crowded place, you can follow few tips that might increase your chances of success. And this is exactly what has been dealt with in this write up.

Ways to enhance visibility through images

Take a look at the many ways that will increase your web presence through images.

1. Are you using the right image

Remember, the image that you are using must be relevant to the web page or the topic that you are dealing with in the website. Another essential aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that it has to be a legal image. There are many images on the virtual world that have copyright and these are the ones that you must not use for your own website unless you seek permission to do so.

2. Using the right file format

Selecting the right file format for your images is equally crucial. Ideally, there are 3 options to choose from, namely, JPEG, GIF, and PNG. More about the 3 file formats have been discussed in brief-
  • JPEG

One of the widely used file formats, however, the quality of the image might not be up to the mark because it involves data compression. The quality of the image will also depend on the settings. Although, transparent backgrounds are one thing that you may not have adequate support for, the biggest advantage is that the file sizes are comparatively smaller with this format.
  • PNG

Few of the features of this file format are that it supports transparency, auto gamma correction ability, and improved color ranges. One of the biggest advantages is that it can also make your text messages (tagged with the image) visible to search engines. As far as file size is concerned, it is comparatively larger.
  • GIF

You can use this file format for animation and basic art forms. However, it supports only 256 colors.

3. Appropriate file names

It is important to use file names for your images that are meaningful and the ones that are descriptive. This enables you to look for the file easily. For instance, if it is a wildlife photo gallery, you can name it using the text wild life so that it is relevant and easier to look for.

4. Optimizing image for web

One of the best ways to optimize the images for your web is to keep the file size as minimum as possible. However, quality of the images is something that you cannot compromise with. You can make use of compression tools that will reduce the file size of the images that you are using without compromising on image quality.

5. Alt text is vital

Alt text or Alternative text is basically used so that the image identity is maintained. This enables you to read the text that is tagged with the image whenever you move your cursor over the images that you have used. Most importantly, using “Alt text” enables the visually challenged individuals to know what the image is about.

6. Sitemaps for images

Using sitemaps for your images allows the search engines to exactly know the various images that are available in your website. Sitemaps can be created either as separate sitemap or in conjunction with a sitemap that you already have for your website.

Aside from the above, an important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that it is best in the interest of your online business not to bank upon the so called “third party image hosting” websites or service providers. One of the main reasons is that you might lose your images in the event the servers of the third-party image hosting services suffer downtime or a breakdown due to overwhelming web traffic.
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Friday, 14 July 2017


Types Of Marketing Dashboards And Why You Need Them

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Using marketing tools judiciously determines the success of your marketing campaigns to a great extent. Although, there are different types of marketing tools, a marketing dashboard is one such reporting tool that has helped many business entities to plan out their marketing and promotional strategies and rethink their modus operandi.

Here, the usefulness of a marketing dashboard has been discussed, the different examples, few essential aspects, and finer aspects.

Marketing dashboard – What is it?

It is basically a reporting tool that will display metrics, key performance indicators, and marketing analytics with the help of visuals. In other words, it is data representation using visuals. They enable the team members to monitor the progress within a company.

Since it offers visibility, newer or better marketing strategies can be worked out in accordance to meet the business goals and objectives.

Examples of marketing dashboards

Marketing dashboards can be of different types depending on the area where it is being applied. Given below are few examples of the same-

  • Marketing performance dashboard

    With the help of this dashboard, you will be able to get an in-depth view of the rate of conversion of your prospective clients. Not only that this will also aid in taking vital decisions pertaining to marketing campaigns and amount to be invested in the same.

  • SEO dashboard

    When it comes to web analytics data, SEO dashboard is your best bet. It is one place or rather platform where all digital marketers can view the progress of the SEO marketing efforts by analyzing few performance metrics used in this regard.

  • Web analytics dashboard

    You cannot afford to suffer frequent downtime as it can spell disaster for your website and online business. This dashboard allows you to track in real time the performance of your website. Most importantly, it is also an indicator that tells you whether or not the marketing initiatives that you are taking are right and yielding fruitful results.

  • Online marketing dashboard

    Marketing metrics can be kept track of with the help of online marketing dashboard. It also enables them to better their marketing efforts and initiatives.

    Aside from the above, you will come across several other examples that include E-commerce marketing dashboard, CMO marketing dashboard, Email marketing dashboard, Adwords Campaign dashboard, Web and Social Analytics dashboard, and Social media dashboard to name just a few.

Usefulness of marketing dashboards

How are these dashboards helpful? Let us sum it up in the following points. So, read on-

    1. These dashboards will allow marketers to keep their marketing metrics stable as they are able to constantly monitor the progress of the marketing initiatives through various KPIs and metrics.

    2. Since there is visibility of the progress of marketing efforts in real time, it allows you to edit or rectify any lacunae that are detected during the course of the campaign. This is of immense help as you can stop a process midway if it is found to be troublesome or cause hassles in the smooth functioning of the process.

    3. It helps the individual team members to get an insight into the progress, regardless of the department the professional or the individual belongs.

Not all marketing dashboards have the same features and depending on your business requirement and what you expect from it, you have the option to select one. It is one of the most sought after marketing reporting tool across various industries that have stood the tests of time and almost all corporate stalwarts make use of this tool for improving their marketing campaigns and getting the ultimate results from their business and in achieving business vision and mission.
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Why Is SEO Marketing A Psychological Process?

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With the help of the right Search Engine Optimization techniques innumerable online companies have tasted success and continue to do so.

Can SEO really help your business entity to get that much needed visibility that is so very important to survive virtually? The answer is a “yes” and a “no”.

Why is it so?This is because if you are lucky enough to have an excellent SEO marketing company that has taken the responsibility to take your business to the zenith of its glory, your task is easy.

However, there are times when you as an entrepreneur are not able to select the right SEO company to promote your business online and this is when the trouble starts. So, depending on your ability to hire the right SEO firm, work out the accurate and appropriate SEO strategies, your success is determined.

However, this article is not about how to select the right SEO firm, instead it deals with an interesting aspect and that is the psychological journey of an entrepreneur and SEO firm all along, from the time the SEO firm gets hired to the time the business entity finds itself on the top-ranking position. So, let us delve deeper into these aspects.

Psychological aspects of SEO


For every online business, SEO is indispensable.If you are an SEO professional, you must assist business owners to adopt the right working methods and if you are a business owner, you must understand the minds of your clients and prospective customers (new and existing). So, let’s delve deeper into these aspects.

Emotional and psychological issues to be addressed in SEO


Every step or measure you take, regardless of whether you are the assisting the business entity or you are the owner, these following aspects are required to be addressed, which are undoubtedly the psychological sides of any e-commerce business.
  • Understanding the behavior of customers
    When you are offering services and products, you should know your prospective customers, their age group, their interests, how will you make your products appealing, what will appeal to them, and most importantly, how will they benefit from your business. So, all these have a psychological reasoning that you must take in your stride. 
  • Decipher client intent
    In the yesteryears, understanding customer behavior mainly revolved around incorporating those words (rather keywords and key phrases) that were searched by users in search engines. Consequently, content would be developed in accordance. However, that didn’t go too far. These days, the search engine algorithms are designed in such a way that will enable you to understand the intention of a visitor. As such, with this magic wand in hand, you can tap the finer aspects of SEO to the fullest. 
  • Starting a new journey -financially and emotionally
    If you are helping a business owner to succeed in his online business as an SEO professional, it is quite likely that the owner does not have any idea about SEO and its various aspects and how it works. So, he is depending on you not just emotionally but also financially assuming that you are his business oar. As a reliable SEO professional/firm, it is your responsibility not to take advantage of this entrepreneur that is banking upon you for his success and most importantly his Return on Investment, which is an integral part of any business. So, be an “oar” in the true sense. 
  • Explore your inner self
    Last but not the least, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur trying to read user’s mind or an SEO firm/professional trying to work out strategies after knowing your client base, you must put yourself in the shoes of your users/clients to know what you ought to cater to from the business point of view.
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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Are These Adword Errors Restricting Web Traffic To Your Website

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Internet marketers are well aware of the fact that with the help of Google AdWords, the chances of drawing web traffic are increased remarkably. However, in the event you don’t follow the accurate process of going ahead with such marketing campaigns, you can eventually feel the pinch in your wallet.

As a result, the ROI or the Return on Investment from your online business will not be something that you can be happy about.

In fact, there are several instances, when faulty marketing campaigns siphoned off more money than the entrepreneur actually earned. These errors usually take place if you are ignorant about the finer aspects of using Adwords.

In this write up, let us quickly scan through the common errors that hinder progress of online business entities as far as internet marketing efforts are concerned. In order to get the best returns, you can avoid these mistakes.

  • Not using accurate keyword matches

    In case you are not using any one of the 3 matches correctly, your internet marketing efforts can go for a toss.

    Basically, there are 3 matches that you can use, namely, phrase match, broad match, and exact match keywords. So, what happens if they are not matched properly?

    Unless they are accurately matched and used in the ad campaigns, you will not be able to get too high a conversion rates as it will create “fewer impressions” on your target audience.

  • Faulty keyword grouping

    Generally, ad campaigns are used so that different types of marketing campaigns can be arranged. For instance, if it is a content campaign and product promotional campaign that you are looking forward to, both can be effectively carried out separately.

    If you are not grouping your ad campaigns properly and not segregating the promotional instances in their respective groups, the feedback or the result you get will not be up to the mark.

    According to the norms of PPC, the closer a keyword is to the term searched for, the better are the results. So, the keywords or the phrases have to be matched in such a way that the searched term is as close to the keyword grouped or matched.

    Ideally, experts say that using no more than 20 keywords in a group is the best approach you can take.

  • Avoiding use of negative keywords

    This is a common error that many internet marketers commit. And that is not incorporating negative keywords in the matching keywords or key phrases that are searched for.

    One of the features of AdWords is that it allows you to make use of keywords that are negative which in turn helps in excluding keywords that are not a match for your keywords or key phrases searched for and the ones that are related to your product or services.

    This is better understood with an example. For instance, if you have an online retail store that sells children products but not maternity products, you will not want that your ads show up for maternity products but you will prefer your ads to show results for children’s products.

  • Not calculating the LTV or Lifetime Value of Customers

    Unless you calculate the LTV of customers, you will not be able to assess the amount you can afford to shell out on AdWords per acquisition.

Aside from the errors mentioned above, there are other faults that are oftentimes seen being committed by internet marketers. In order to reap the maximum benefit from your marketing investment and campaigns, you can always seek professional assistance from service providers that have been in this business for several years. However, just make sure that you are not ripped off by a firm that fails to deliver what it promises.
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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Content Management System – Which One Is Right For You

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If you are an online entrepreneur, CMS or Content Management System is one thing that you cannot do without. These applications are basically web based and are designed so that they can help in creating and updating websites. Majority of them are equipped with plug-ins or themes that enhance the functionality and also make it easier to maintain the website on a regular basis.

Factors to compare before selecting CMS

Choosing the right CMS is oftentimes tricky and you need to assess few factors that will determine which one is the best for your business needs. So, here let us take a look at the factors that will make it easier for you to decide the one that is best for you. They are as follows-

• Proficiency in technical know-how

You have three options to choose from depending on your technical know-how and most importantly your requirement. If you are confident with CSS and HTML and know the coding aspects of the website, you can try using Drupal or ExpressionEngine. In the event you are not confident in handling coding for your website and want an application that will allow you to customize the websites, you can use Webydo. If you want that you should be allowed some flexibility in the way you handle coding and other designing aspects of websites, Wordpress is the best bet.

• How cost effective is it

The fact that there are many such CMS applications available makes it difficult to zero-in on the right solution. While few are offered for free, there are others that you will have to invest in. Alternatively, there are many that will require you to subscribe. Many such applications will offer features like software upgrades that are automatic and web hosting properties. However, pricing is not the only factor that you should compare while selecting Content Management System.

• Features availability

When you are selecting one such application, just make sure that you compare the features that are available. While few of the solutions are available with unique and extra features and are usually “out of the box”, there are yet others that come with add-ons and plug-ins. Specifically, if you are looking for features that will help you in maintaining your website, find out whether or not these features will be available when you select that application or CMS. This can be better understood with an example. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website and you want that the application should come with E-commerce enabled features; there are platforms that will help you in this regard.

• Support from developers of platforms

Support or so called after-care team is crucial for any client. Find out whether or not the application you have selected is backed by professionals that are ready to offer their support in case of troubleshooting instances. Also, there are several online communities that offer their opinion on applications and their features. The community you are looking for after being associated with the new platform should be able to offer solutions and answer your queries in the event of emergency. The relationship or association between the members of the community should be healthy and useful.

• Reviews

It is important to get feedback of any product that you intend to use. Ask for referrals or talk to your peers and friends and family that have used one or are using presently. It will help you to decide better about the application that will help you better. If one CMS solution works best for one business entity, the same solution may not work for your business. As such there is no “umbrella” solution for all business entities. The above mentioned factors will help you to decide which CMS will yield the best results.
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Google’s Mobile first index – Impact On SEO And Launch Date

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A brief explanation for the ones those are unaware of the concept of mobile-first index. More and more individuals are searching and browsing for information on their cell phones or mobiles. As such, the search engine major has decided that it will use the mobile version of the websites as its “primary search engine index”.

All these years, the search engine major has crawled websites that were basically desktop versions but as the number of mobile users has increased remarkably, it will prioritize mobile searches as compared first to desktop searches thereby making it easier for mobile users to access information promptly.

In this article, the different aspects will be covered in the following order –
          Impact on SEO and steps for better results

          • Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Impact on SEO strategies

Google has over the years taken measures to improve user experience and cater to its users regardless of whether it is a desktop user or a mobile user. However, since majority of the searches come from mobiles these days, the above mentioned steps were taken but have not been fully implemented as yet. However, Google has made it clear that the new strategy pertaining to indexing should in no way affect the search rankings in a drastic manner. It is being assumed that the step has been taken to better user experience because it has introduced the concept of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As far as impact on SEO strategies is concerned, it is being ascertained that the measure won’t prove to be “disruptive” or “bold” for the SEO professionals provided you abide by the ethics of SEO and have been ethical in your SEO approaches. However, you can take the following steps to ensure that you function smoothly as far as SEO is concerned. These are as follows-

          • Mobile version – a must -If you haven’t done it as yet, make sure you have a mobile version of your website immediately. Most importantly, incorporate the concept of responsive design for your mobile website.

          • Update constantly – If you have both the desktop and mobile versions, treat both of them equally and when you update them, do so simultaneously. Maintain a balance. Another important requisite is that when it comes to expandable content, it makes sense in incorporating the same in a mobile version of a website but not so much when it comes to the desktop version of any website.

          • App development – Although having a mobile website does not necessarily mean that you have to develop apps but if you do, you will enjoy an edge over others.

          • Prioritize mobile users – Since the mobile-first-index will primarily tap the mobile users, it is important to cater to their needs first and address unattended issues related to your mobile version of the website.

Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Although, webmasters and SEO professionals are trying hard to figure out the probable date of the launch of mobile-first-index transition, according to a prominent analyst for Google webmaster trends, was of the opinion that the concept might not be implemented before 2018, although he was not able to provide an exact date for the same. He also stated that initially it was thought that the change could be made by the end of 2017; however, it appears that it will not take place before 2018.

The webmaster trends analyst also stated that the search engine giant will make sure that the change does not hurt the ones not inclined to using mobile versions of websites. He also said that it will take several years when the transition will be absolute.
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