Wednesday, 22 March 2017


How will Google Shopping aid retailers

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More and more online retailers (especially the start ups and the ones that are still trying hard to establish themselves as a brand) are taking the risk of investing and consequently benefiting from Google Shopping. However, the small retailers are particularly apprehensive about how beneficial it will be in the long run by trying to compete with bigger names that have already established themselves as reputed brands. But there is hope for the small retailers too.

In fact, experts are of the opinion that as a small business retailer, you always have the option to make it big in the virtual world by using the concept. But let us explore how. Prior to that, a brief explanation about the concept of Google Shopping has to be deciphered for the layman and how you can execute the marketing campaign.

Metamorphosing from Froogle to Google Shopping

Formerly Google Shopping was referred to as Froogle, which later on assumed the name Google Product Search (April 18th, 2007). Eventually it came to be known by what it is known today, Google Shopping (May 31st, 2012).

It is basically a Google service that helps online shoppers to compare the prices of services and products offered by e-commerce websites/vendors. Until May 2012, it was “monetized through ADWords” but later it assumed the role of a paid model.

Having said that how will you benefit from this online shopping comparison tool if you are an online retailer, regardless of whether you are established or yet to carve out a niche for your business on the virtual world. The following paragraphs explain the same.

          • Decide upon the product and service wisely

Selling products that are similar to the ones that are already available online will not put you at a very favorable position as far as attracting your prospective customers is concerned. Do your bit of homework, study thoroughly the market, the products and services that are already being sold online and then launch a product or a service that will be different from what others have to offer. This will allow you to enjoy a competitive edge over the other retailers. Just because your brand is upcoming does not necessarily mean that you don’t stand any chance. Take chances and have confidence in your products.

          • Study and identify web traffic queries

Assuming that yours is not an established brand as yet, it is even more important to study the global and local search results and volume accurately. Give yourself ample time to study carefully the queries that are related or at least closely related to your products and services. Most importantly, if you find that the query is in a language that is other than English or the language most commonly used, you can choose to include keywords that are regional or local too. The best would be to use the Keyword Planner, which can help you to select the keywords or key phrases that will be of help to you.

          • Conventional PPC bidding differs from Google Shopping

Bidding is not very much desirable when you are advertising your products or services in Google Shopping. If you think that the manner in which CPC works is similar to the concept of enhancing sales in the case of Google Shopping then it is time to revamp your thinking. Seek professional assistance if required to understand how the concept of CPC works in the case of Google Shopping.

Last but not the least, never undermine or underestimate the quality of your products just because it is not an established brand. Perseverance, a positive attitude, patience, determination, and an urge to rise to the top is what you need to concentrate on if you want to establish your business and make it an enviable business identity and enjoy an edge over the other retailers in the virtual world.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017


Has Google’s Fred Update Stolen Your Peace Of Mind?

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You are a contented person and happy the manner in which your “SEO life” is carrying on when you suddenly wake up the next day to find that your position in the SEO world is dwindling. This is definitely not a pleasant experience. So, what has stolen your peaceful sleep? Undoubtedly it is another update from Google! And this time it is none other than Fred. March of 2017 has witnessed another change in Google’s algorithm. Let us see what this is all about.

Brief explanation of Fred

The search engine major has released an update of its algorithm called Fred (term coined by Gary IIIyes), that monitors or checks for the quality of inbound links of any website, which means the links that are pointed to your website from other websites. As per Gary lllyes, the search engine major is on an update spree almost every day. However, this particular update called Fred has had a massive impact on the rankings of websites of clients, which literally witnessed a so called “rollercoaster ride” ever since this update was released. There are upheavals in the rankings, which is further confusing the webmasters.

Victims of Fred algorithm update

It is difficult to dodge Fred in the virtual world if you have manipulated or adopted unethical methods to stay on the top, regardless of whether it is now or in the past. Check out the victims that belong to different categories.
If you befriend a spammer you cannot escape- According to industry experts, it is being ascertained that the Fred algorithm update is certainly affecting the website rankings that draw traffic organically. Also, online business entities that have a history of bad links, which include excessive spam links directed to their websites are worst affected. In other words, if you have had links directed to your website that are spams, be ready to be penalized. Also, making payments for links qualifies you for being penalized too.

Have you been manipulative and tricked visitors – Aside from taking into account the quality of inbound links that are directed to your website, there are few other factors that are also being looked into as per the latest update of the search engine major’s algorithm. It is also being assumed that if your website has content that is of low quality, irrelevant, and inaccurate, you are a candidate for being penalized. There are many websites that only aim to generate revenue from AdSense without adding value to the readers or visitors that browse for informative content. So, unless your website is not cluttered with advertisement banners, you are safe.

There is good news too!

Fred is for the time being sparing local businesses. However, there is a catch here too. Although you will not find an immediate change in local businesses, nevertheless, the organic rankings might be impacted.

Private Blog Networks need to revamp link strategies

Some experts in the industry are of the opinion that Fred is basically targeting the so called PBNs or private blog networks. This can be further substantiated because several webmasters as well as PBN users have found that this particular update has affected their rankings. Google is particularly identifying the links of the PBNs and from the websites that they are linking to.

Interestingly, as per reports, there has been a lot of hue and cry from a particular sect of the SEO industry. And it is essentially the ones known as “Black hat SEO people”. As such, it is being increasingly believed that Fred is trying hard to punish the spam link building community. The last time a similar update was reported in February 2017, which was aimed at links too.
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Monday, 13 March 2017


SEO Content – Are You Writing For The Visitors Or Search Engines

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Content is essentially one of the important elements of SEO. Gone are the days when you could stuff keywords as per your will, regardless of whether it made any sense or not. Also, writers used to include keywords forcefully, which was quite evident when the bounce rate was high.

When you write for human beings

These days just writing quality content is not enough, the prerequisite of quality content is undoubtedly higher. The 3 most important aspects that you need to take into account in order to produce true quality content include back links (there has to be fairly good number of back links if not abundant), optimizing keywords (the keywords present in the content have to be optimized essentially after extensive searches), and finally the subject matter on which the content is dealing and this has to be relevant to the body of the content; the topic selected should be such that it is able to attract visitors not just once but repeatedly to the website with the hope of reading something useful, informative, and interesting.

Aside from the above, the experts point out that the “intent of the readers” is something that the writers must be able to grasp. In other words, you should be able to identify the temperament of your readers without seeing them physically, which is definitely not an easy task and this is where the challenge lies. Remember, it is the visitors that are reading your content, search engines only evaluate your content and depending on the bounce rate, analytics, and few other parameters, these very search engines are able to rate or rank your web page. As such, experts always are of the opinion that it is not a wise move to write for the search engines but you ought to write keeping in mind your target audience – visitors.

Why writing for search engines isn’t a wise move?

At the end of the day, search engines are after all machines. They are expected to perform their duty depending on the code and the manner in which they have been programmed. And these sets of coding language are written by none other than engineers. So, what will be the implication if you write for the search engines? Your write up will have the following characteristics if you write for machines-

          • The article will be stuffed with keywords

         The keyword incorporation will be forceful and as a result will look unnatural and meaningless and it will only indicate further that you have tried to manipulate things.

          Relevance will perhaps be a far cry

          You cannot call it an informative article

          The  article will not be appealing or interesting.

          At the end of the day, your visitors might be driven to the website but will not last long. This will be reflected in the higher bounce rates that the web page will suffer.

          Most importantly, if your article is not meaningful and above all useful, none of the webmasters will agree to share back links with you or link to your post. And you cannot deny the fact that links (particularly back links) help in enhancing visibility of the web page).

As such, it is always a wise move to write for human beings and not for robots or machines. They might help you to get web traffic but you are sure to taste success which is short lived. This in turn will impact your SEO rankings on the search result page. In other words, you will not be able to stay on the top and even if you do stay there for a while, you are sure to nosedive and gathering courage to stand up again might be a difficult task altogether.
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Friday, 10 March 2017


5 Rules That Will Help You To Rule SEO In 2017

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An important aspect that every SEO professional out there ought to keep in mind is that gaining the trust of Google is not a child’s play. And it doesn’t happen overnight. So, if any SEO service provider promises you to help you reach the top within a fortnight, you have to be convinced that you are being taken for a ride. In simple words, there are no shortcuts to the first spot in Google search result page and there are no quick fixes. So, just hang in there and find out how you can win the trust of the search engine major, namely, Google.

In this write up, we will focus on the rules or rather norms that can help you to stay on top when it comes to SEO ranking and search results.

• Rule No 1 Hard work and smart work helpsIn majority of the cases, it has been observed that SEO professionals think that it is easy to master SEO tricks and a little effort will suffice. But it is just the reverse. You have to put in a lot of hard work in order to get the minimum return. Of course this holds true for the initial stages, when you have just taken the plunge. But even when you become a veteran, hard work and smart work will yield all the desired results and not just manipulating SEO strategies.

• Rule No 2 Website’s Indexed age matters – If you have taken the plunge, you will have to exercise a lot of patience and perseverance. In the event your website has been indexed several years ago, your website stands a better chance of being recognized. But aside from indexed age, the content, nature of links that you have been dealing with all these years, counts to a great extent.

• Rule No 3 Quality and not quantity is essential – Time and again, Google has conveyed this message ever since SEO struck roots. In fact, in order to further substantiate its principle, Google introduced Panda algorithm since it was not very happy the manner in which users were being forcefully diverted to websites that sell services and products. Most importantly, there were also certain affiliate partners that were tempting users to invest in their services and products. The same holds for content. By introducing several updates of its algorithm, this search engine major has proved that regularly updated, relevant, organically receiving web traffic and websites that offer great user experience deserves the best spot in search engine results.

• Rule No 4 Don’t encourage thin content – Thin content refers to content that is short in length and does not add value to the user experience. This can be explained in the following manner. For instance, if you have content that contains information about an illness or a topic that offers the opportunity to write pages on it and if you just wrap up the article in 500 words, it is referred to as thin content. Google considers this content as incomplete and in the words of experts “content without meat on bones”.

• Rule No 5 All about keywords – It is a well known fact that keywords form an integral part of SEO. But Google wants that keywords ought to be incorporated for human beings and not web crawlers. However, it is not saying that search engines have to be avoided fully but the SEO professional has to strike a fine balance between writing content for human beings and search engines. Keywords can be undoubtedly included but with a meaning and it need not clutter the content where it is not required.
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Bounce Rates And What It Conveys To Search Engines

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When it comes to SEO, one of the essential metrics that is oftentimes overlooked is the ‘bounce rate’. Prior to delving deeper into the concept and how it determines the success of SEO campaigns, it is important to know in brief, the meaning of the term ‘bounce rate’. It is regarded as the percentage of visitors that visit a particular website and navigate through the different web pages or simply ‘bounce’ or leave the website after just viewing an individual page. The time spent browsing through the website by the visitors is significant for the search engines to understand the character of the website.


Bounce rate explained

Whenever the term bounce rate is mentioned, it usually implies a negative connotation. In the terms of a layman, if any visitor opens a web page and leaves the website just after viewing that particular web page and does not navigate to the other web pages, it is not regarded as good for any business. This is because in the eyes of search engines (let us consider Google in this case); it means that the website does not contain the relevant information pertaining to the searched topic and this does not give a good impression to Google about the website. As a result in the eyes of Google, the website does not deserve a good ranking. And your SEO efforts suffer a setback.

In the event, your website is driven mainly by content, the SEO strategies ought to be worked out in such a manner so that your website receives maximum web traffic and also the click-through-rate or CTR should be high.


Reducing bounce rates

While decreasing bounce rates of any website can be oftentimes challenging, it can appear to be effortless for few others. Also, the efforts you have to put in to curtail the bounce rate are also determined by the nature of the website. The measures you ought to take to decrease bounce rate will be different for various websites. If yours is an E-commerce website, the approach will be different as compared to a blog. And most importantly, Google’s approach of ranking websites on the basis of bounce rates will be different from one website to another depending on the type of the website to be ranked. Aside from bounce rate Google also takes into account other metrics of SEO. In order to minimize the bounce rate for any website, there are few aspects that you need to take into account. These include the following-

               Build a website that is meant for your target audience and for this you need to identify the nature 
                 of the visitors to your website.

               Web pages should load faster

               Navigation should be user friendly

               Minimum advertisement banners scrolling or cluttering your web pages

               Quality content


Google’s ranking factors for search results

Basically, there are 3 main factors that Google takes into account while ranking any website aside from others. They are-

               Content as always remains as the main factor. It has also been mentioned above

               Links are an integral part of SEO strategies to get ranking or driving web traffic. You have to 
                 emphasize on link votes as well as strong links to be able to qualify for staying on the top in the
                 search results.

Last but not the least, Google’s RankBrain or the algorithm that is responsible for determining the search results. This algorithm helps in “refining” the search results simultaneously maintaining complexities.

An important aspect, however, that you ought to keep in mind is that there are many such companies that do not make use of Google Analytics. In such case, the bounce rates for the websites of these companies cannot be tracked accurately.
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Monday, 6 March 2017


Factors that impact SEO Rankings

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The success of your online business depends to a great extent on the rankings your website enjoys on the virtual world. What is even more important (and to some extent, worrisome) is that there are quite a few number of factors that influence the rankings of websites, which are always changing. So, if it is not possible to stay abreast with every algorithm of Google that is changing from time to time, you can at least enhance the chances of getting a good rank of your website by employing these factors in a judicious manner. In this write up, we will find out what these factors are and their importance.
In the paragraphs that follow, let us understand how each of these factors influences the rankings. Remember, these factors might change from time to time or at least increase/decrease in their order of importance at any given point of time.

Factors affecting rankings

Although, there are many factors that impact the same, here we will discuss about the ones that are considered to be more important than the others in this context.


You might think that this is not new. Indeed, it isn’t. Content always was and will always be one of the most important ranking factors in SEO at all times. As it is said “Content is King”, most of the SEO experts (regardless of whether they are amateurs or veteran) believe and swear by this factor. However, over the years, the focus has been changing from one aspect to another. In other words, in the earlier days, if keywords were a priority, over the years, this concept has changed and these days, the need for “relevant and natural” content is pronounced. Several studies have proved the same that search engines rank websites not by the usage of keywords or their density and frequency but by relevance. Having relevant content is not just enough. By all means, this content has to be updated on a regular basis. Google prefers fresh, updated, informative, and relevant content.

     •Mobile-First Versions

It is a well known fact that people tend to access websites more on their handheld devices as compared to their desktops. As such, Google, which has always emphasized on user-experience, understands well that it is important to have a mobile version of the websites much more than a desktop version. As such, it introduced the so called “mobile-first indexing” concept. It basically means that Google will first index (crawl) the mobile version of the websites prior to indexing the desktop versions. Studies have time and again proved that the websites that rank in the top 50 are all mobile friendly versions (domains) and that offer mobile friendly solutions for clients. In fact, this is one of the main trends in 2017 that has taken the SEO market by storm. To this effect, websites that lacked the infrastructure or did not meet the criterion are doing so promptly.

      •Back links

It goes without saying that back links have continued and will continue to remain as one of the main factors that will influence the ranking of websites. Having a number of back links is definitely not enough. You will be required to have back links from varied or diverse domains and these domains will necessarily have to be considered as among the so called “authoritative” domains. Essentially, 3 factors that will help your website to rank in this category include, namely.
          •Back links
          •Diversity of links
          •Link authority

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vast subject. The more you learn, the less it is. As such, the winners are the ones that strive hard to stand out from the crowd by employing the best ethical procedures that SEO can offer to the winner!
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Saturday, 4 March 2017


Content marketing tools aid in content planning better

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Working out a content strategy is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in online marketing. There are few aspects that have to be kept in mind while planning your content, namely, identifying your target audience and most importantly catering to their needs.

Why is it necessary to work out a content strategy?

While it is obvious that content alone cannot aid in ranking a website, nevertheless, it is definitely one of the main factors that can influence the ranking of a website. By having a strong content base for your website, you can expect better returns in terms of revenues (better ROI or Return on Investment), accurate and appropriate web traffic, and if the web traffic is from your target audience, the bounce rate is considerably lowered, thereby helping your website to rank in the search engines better.
Aside from loyal and repeat customers/target audience, your virtual visibility will be your USP in the long run. Most importantly, your consecutive investments in digital marketing (at least as far as content is considered will be lower). This is because once your content planning strategies click, you can attempt at variations of the same. By then you are an established brand already.
More and more online entrepreneurs are now opting for so called content marketing tools, which have proved to be effective in helping online content marketers with their content promoting strategies.

Role of content marketing tools in content success

In the following paragraphs, we will find out briefly about the various marketing tools in content and few essential aspects of the same.
When it comes to these tools, they can be broadly divided into the following and given below them are the sub categories of the same. 

1. Web Analytics Tools

  • Compete
  • Alexa
  • Quantcast

2. SEO Analytics Tools

  • SEM Rush
  • Raven Tools
  • BrightEdge
  • Moz
  • gShift
  • MarketMuse
  • SerpStat

3. Social Media Analytics Tools

  • Socialbakers
  • Visible
  • Curalate
  • Nuvi
  • CrowdBooster
  • TrackMaven
  • Trendspottr
  • Zuum
  • Rival IQ
  • Crimson Hexagon
  • SumAll
  • Cafyne
  • IBM Social Analytics

4. Website Analytics Tools

  • Webtrends
  • Woopra
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
  • Docalytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Trialfire
The names of the content marketing tools mentioned above are just few of them and each one plays a significant role that ranges roughly from-
  • Collecting data in real time to study the impact content has on visitors,
  • Studying metrics and statistical data pertaining to visitors on social media platforms
  • Receiving information about visitor behavior from demographic as well as geographic data collection,
  • Studying global ranking of websites
  • Enabling users to track keywords both in case of organic as well as inorganic searches
  • Enabling entrepreneurs to improve and work upon the SEO campaigns
  • Checks for lacunae in content and notify the same to the site administrator/webmaster
  • Preparing a report on all content related campaigns by making use of metrics pertaining to PPC, SEO, and social media impact of content.
  • These content marketing tools will also allow business entrepreneurs and SEO team members to know the global rankings as well as status of web traffic data as far as commercial website rankings are concerned.
Generally speaking, each tool mentioned above is indispensible and is worth being invested in. However, logically and practically speaking, it is not possible to employ all the above mentioned tools. But identifying the needs of the business organization and judicious usage of these tools is what matters. The most important aspect, however, is identifying which tool will work best for your website ranking.
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Thursday, 2 March 2017


How important is blogging for your website?

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Online marketers strive hard each day to keep visitors glued to their websites. And for this, they do not keep any stones unturned. Right from investing heavily in various marketing strategies and campaigns to exploiting the power of the social media platforms to the fullest, hardly a day passes by when marketing strategies for attracting web traffic are not worked out.

Regardless of the strategies that are worked out, an important strategy that from the very beginning proved to be effective is essentially blogging.

In this article, let us find out why blogging is important and is an effective way to draw web traffic to your website.


1. Adds dimension to the website

There are many online marketers out there that prefer to promote their blogs more than the internal pages of the website. The logic is simple. Even if people do not like to browse through the internal web pages, a blog if written in the appropriate manner has more visibility owing to the fact that it’s nature is so called “social media” friendly. If the blog is impressive, it is shared several times on different social media platforms. In this way, it has greater chances of visibility.


2. Better ability to connect with your prospective customers

By blogging, you are able to connect with your prospective customers better. And if you can make your blog interesting, you will have a list of loyal readers that can eventually get converted into clients over a period of time. However, this is easier said than done. Undoubtedly, it will take a considerable period of time before you can understand the sentiments of your clients. And if you are able to strike the right chord with your audience, you can be assured that you will have a long list of loyal readers.


3. Expert in your subject

When it comes to blogging, you will have to master your subject of interest. Most importantly, if you are dealing with a particular concept or topic/subject, make sure you furnish the correct details about the topic. Fresh content that is conceptually accurate, informative, and an ability to reach out or ‘tap’ the correct audience is what matters the most. Remember, there will be several, in fact, thousands of websites that will deal with the same topic as yours. So, it becomes even more important to stand out from the rest. Why will readers read your blog and not someone else? You need to hit the bull’s eye when it comes to the topic you are dealing with.


4. Range of keywords

When you are writing web pages, it is quite likely you will deal with a limited set of keywords, the ones that appear the most on so called ‘local’ as well as ‘global’ search. So, even if you want to emphasize on different keywords, it will not make sense as it will lack visibility. But when you have a blog for your website, you have the privilege to deal with unlimited keywords, which are bound to appear in the search engine results, when searched for.


5. Promoting your products

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote the services and products that your online business has to offer to your clients. By blogging, not only will your products and services get promoted but if you are able to optimize the right set of keywords, your blog is definitely going to get visibility. 

In a nut shell, even if you have to assign a budget higher than what you estimate for content marketing, blogging will surely help you to reap the benefits in the long run.
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Monday, 27 February 2017


SEO services – What to expect from your SEO company

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SEO services are many and you will be required to identify the ones that will work best for your organization. While few local SEO services company will offer packages, there are also stand alone services especially tailor made for clients and their requirements. An important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that no two clients will require the same SEO solution, as such; it is of utmost importance that you find out that whether the company you are hiring is one that offers customized solutions for their customers.

Types of SEO services

Generally speaking, the following types of search engine optimization services can be availed by your organization depending on the requirement.

1. SEO Content Development

There is a very common phrase “Content is King”. As such, content is one of the most vital parameters that need to be looked into to get the right kind of attention your website yearns for. The SEO service in this sphere will include creating content for the website. This includes text as well as graphics. As far as text is concerned, it can range from press releases to essays, online tutorials, research documents, blogs, and articles. Graphics will include images and videos. In this sphere SEO service does not just mean creating content, it also includes updating and refreshing the web pages from time to time so that they become search engine friendly as it is a known fact that search engines rank updated pages better.

2. SEO Audit of Website

An SEO Audit is undoubtedly vital and should by all means be availed by any online entrepreneur for his online organization. Audit of website can range from auditing few pages to extensive or comprehensive audit. In this, even the tiniest details are addressed and lacunae fixed. While a comprehensive is always better, you could also opt for a simple audit of your website that will highlight the elements that require alteration, rectification, and the like. Aside from locating and identifying the missing elements, it also offers guidance as to how the content can be made better for improved visibility. Link building and working out organic search strategies are also part of the SEO website audit.

3. Code Optimization

Among the other local SEO services, code optimization is vital and it is worth investing in this SEO service for better returns in the long run. Basically, in this service that is offered by the company, your website undergoes an extensive revamp of the HTML of your website. If you opt for this SEO service, there are 2 ways in which you will find that there is a marked difference in the way your website works. First of all, carrying out this revamp will ensure that there is no unnecessary code clutter in your website, which will in turn make it friendly not just for the users/readers but also for the search engines as per their algorithm for ranking websites. Secondly, the loading time for your website pages will be less, which will also improve user experience of your website preventing bounce rates or at least lowering it.

4. Link Building

Regarded as one of the most important component of the many SEO services offered, you need to exercise extreme caution when you are hiring an SEO company for this service.  It is a well known fact this is one sphere of SEO that can be manipulated unethically and which is not at all desirable. So, opt for local SEO services company that does not offer you tempting quick fix solutions by assisting you to build manipulated links of poor quality. An important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that when it comes to link building, quality matters much more than quantity. Also, building good links is time consuming and requires a lot of speculation and assessment.
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Friday, 27 November 2015


Tricky Google Adwords Tips That Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Google Adwords Tips

Did you know that $100+ million a day is what Google earns from AdWords? In order to make so many business to be paying for the clicks, AdWords has to make a lot of those businesses even more than what they’re paying. The reality is that there are still many AdWords advertisers who are paying Google more than what they should actually pay. Google is actually gaining from your loss. If you’re clever enough, you should be aware of the Google AdWords tips that Google doesn’t want you to know of. Here are some of them.
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