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Link Building – Broaden your Horizon

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Having a well designed website is not just enough. In order to attain a good ranking for the website and to highlight competitive key phrases and keywords, you can resort to effective link building skills that have time and again proved to be an ideal way to sustain your web traffic on a long term basis. In fact, it cannot be denied that links are essentially an important factor as far as ranking is concerned. Let us find out the nuances of this concept of link building.

What are links and what is link building?

Links are basically a way to develop association between non-competing and relevant entities, topical authorities to be precise. Instead of trying to dodge the system and adopt unfair means to get ranking that will not sustain for long, it is best to follow a fair ethical strategic approach towards the same. Following unfair means also puts you at the risk of being penalized by the search engine major. In the following paragraphs, let us find out how effectively you can follow link building strategies.

• Content development

Manual link building is not something that is encouraged or supported. Instead if you create good attractive and informative content that will add some value to the knowledge bank of users, you can expect to get good quality links in return. However, just make sure that the type of content that you create ought to be relevant to your target audience or to the website that you are linking with.

• Increase your social interaction

Aside from adding value to the knowledge bank of readers and visitors as mentioned above, links can also be a means to solve problems of people. For instance, there are forums and sites that have extensive discussions about topics of concern, interesting fun facts, and certain types of queries that can be addressed by means of these links. A classical example of such a forum is Quora. In this way, you will also be able to connect better with the audience.

• Incorporate content types

Even if you find that your website content being text based is very much popular, you can better it with innovative methods of highlighting the same content or new content through visual representation like videos and visuals that are effective. Alternatively, self explanatory videos and presentations are helpful too.

• Technicalities in link building

In the event you are changing the URLs of a website, updating your content or going ahead with other updates of your website, it is quite likely that you will not be able to retain the links that you might have perhaps obtained after a lot of hard work. What are your options under such circumstances? You can make use of certain tools that will help you to retain these useful links that you don’t; want to part with. These tools referred to as “link discovery tools” include Majestic, and Open Site Explorer, to name just a few. In fact, there are a number of tools that have the ability to track broken back links.

• Enhancing brand awareness

Another option for effective link building and getting web traffic is by creating so called content hubs. Essentially these content hubs have to be “authoritative”. And if you offer expert knowledge resources for free, you tend to promote brand name. This is also a part of your social PR efforts that are so much needed in order to stay afloat in this field.

Last but not the least; your main aim will also be not to lose focus of your link building objectives. Striving to enhance the link building value for your online business is why you are here today.
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Are You Aware Of The Nuances Of Redirect

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Redirects have been around for a pretty long time now. And it won’t be wrong to say that even the veterans in the field of SEO oftentimes get confused about these so called “redirects”. In this write up, we will discuss about the various essential aspects of redirects.  So, read on for a better insight. Prior to getting into the depth of the topic, it is crucial to understand the concept and the meaning of this term.

With the help of a redirect link, it is possible to forward a URL to another page from a particular page. The primary objective of this process is to take users to another page. However, it is important to understand the signals that are being passed on along with the forward. In other words, redirecting will usually allow links to get consolidated before they are passed on to another page.

Although, there are many SEO professionals that do not prefer to keep these redirects in place, however, the search engine major Google recommends that redirects should never be removed. In fact, they should be allowed to stay where they are for as long as possible.

Intent of redirecting

The method that you adopt to carry on the process depends entirely on the purpose with which you are undertaking the same. There are a number of factors that you ought to take into account prior to redirecting. These essentially include the following. What is the purpose of the procedure that you are undertaking? Are you planning to

• Forward one web page to another web page

• Is maintenance of file structure your aim?

• Are you planning to forward several pages to a single page

• Redirect one domain to another domain

• Forwarding one folder to another

Redirect levels

Once you have identified the purpose of redirecting, you can do so at different levels and more about each of these levels has been written below.

• CDN level- As far as implementation is concerned; it has been observed that if redirects are moved from the page of origin to the end, it can make the process much simpler and also faster. Instances- Cloudflare Page Rules and Akamai Edge. Interestingly, not many SEO firms employ this methodology. What they don’t realize is that this method allows scalability.

• DNS level – If domain changes are what you are aiming for, perhaps it is best to redirect at the DNS level. The best part is that the rules that govern the procedure are well documented. Whether or not this is the best level for redirecting is perhaps decided by the hosting provider.

• Redirects (language based) – Redirecting can also be carried out using different languages like HTML, .NET, JS, and PHP. The best part is that these individual languages more than one option for redirecting.

• Server level redirection – Depending on the nature of server, you can opt for redirection at the server level. It is important to find out whether or not the server is IIS, Apache, or nginx. The rules are documented extremely well. What majority of the professionals don’t realize is that if a WordPress plugin is in use, you are most likely using the Apache server. In fact, the same applies in case of Cpanel too.

How to make redirects a success

Pay heed to the following points prior to initiating a redirect.

• Find out the rules of redirecting especially for the index pages

• Identify the process that will meet your requirement in redirecting and also the level that will be best suited to your needs

• Last but not the least, redirect loops are particularly vital so, it is important that you check for the same. Any fault may crash the site.
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Monday, 17 April 2017


Brand Affinity Is Influenced By Facebook Reactions

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Five new emojis were introduced by Facebook in the year 2016. By doing so, it offered greater freedom to the users to express their reactions and emotions pertaining to a particular post. Since it was greatly felt that emotions drive the social network, these emojis became an instant hit with the users overnight. In fact, studies indicate that in the first year itself these Reactions were used more than 300 billion times.

Basically, these so called Reactions were applicable for News Feeds. Also, it was thought that by using these icons, it implies a reader’s engagement and how he has reacted to the post in particular. In fact, Face book also stated that instead of “Likes”, it appreciated if readers made use of these icons as these send stronger signal as compared to just a simple “Like”.

What do Reactions indicate about Brand Affinity?

Prior to discussing about this metric and how it is influenced by Reactions, it is important to understand the meaning of the same. Brand Affinity is a system of measurement that allows market researchers to predict the behavior of a customer towards a particular brand. What does it mean when a customer shows Brand Affinity?  It usually implies the following-

• First and foremost, it will imply that the customer exhibiting affinity will perhaps continue to be loyal towards the brand

• It is most likely that if given a choice between 2 brands, he will stick to this brand always

• Most importantly, through word of mouth, the customer will spread the message related to the products and services he enjoys to friends and peer related to this brand.

So, it goes without saying that earning these Reactions for any post is crucial and vital. But how can you earn these Facebook Reactions for a post? Let us find out.

How to tempt readers to use Reactions?

If you are aiming at improving Brand Affinity by means of these Reactions, there is a bit of speculation and calculation that you need to take into account. First of all, you will have to tempt readers to use the Reactions. And for that you will first have to identify the type of content that interests your readers. In other words, you have to identify that “stimuli” that will compel your visitor to use these icons. An important aspect that was discovered related to the type of content that attracted readers were that is entirely depends on the mental state or the mindset in which the reader is.

As per studies that were carried out to study the behavior of readers on social media platforms, it was found that mostly the Love emoji was used. This small indication to a great extent helped in understanding the type of content that visitors like. It was assumed that mostly people shared their happy experiences with friends and peers and used the Love emoji to express their feelings at any given point of time. It is also being said that people will usually not use emojis in the event they are in a bad mental state. You will not feel the urge to comment when you are emotionally down on any social media platform. So, content that usually makes someone unhappy or depressed will not be liked.

How to develop content that earns Love Reactions?

Remember, you are out there to build your brand. So, you cannot afford to hurry and spoil the show. Since these Reactions are also a measure of hatred or dislike towards a particular post, you have to analyze and work out your content intently before proceeding further. This is because negative Reactions also mean that your post is not being liked. So, it can be safely said that these emojis are also a measure for bounce rates to some extent.
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Siri or Google Voice Search – Take Your Pick

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Google is and has always been a search engine major, it goes without saying but Siri is not far behind. It is being said that after Google’s mobile search, perhaps Siri is the one that is eligible for the next place or is one that gives Google a tough competition.

As per recent reports, the number of mobile searches on Siri far exceeded that of Bing and Yahoo, when it came to searches on the hand held devices.

In this article, this is exactly what has been discussed. So, let us delve deeper into the facts.

A point to prove

Statistical data indicates that the search engine major enjoyed an edge over the other search engines and is still regarded as dominant. When the percentage of search share on mobile devices was calculated for Android and iOS devices, it was found that in case of the former, the search share was approximately 90% whereas, in case of
iPhone mobile searches, it was 77%. However, it does not stop just there. The report was prepared after conducting a survey that included as many as 800 adults residing in United States. And these individuals were divided into 2 groups, one group comprised individuals using Android operating system driven devices and the other group comprised iOS users.

Once the outcome was recorded it was found that many individuals regarded Siri as their second choice just next to Google mobile search surpassing even Yahoo and Bing. The survey was conducted taking into account the search activity of individuals during the first quarter of 2017. The study was conducted by Fivesight Research.

Outcome of the survey

It was observed that 13% of the users used Siri as their primary search engine and this was true for the iPhone users. However, no concrete conclusion can be drawn as the study involved just 800 adults that were segregated into Android and iOS users. But an important aspect that is reflected in the study results is that more and more people are turning to voice searches as compared to the conventional search methods.

Preferred virtual assistance

Aside from being the primary search engine for iPhone users, Siri was also being extensively used as virtual assistant mostly for iPhone users. Also, it was found out that the number of users making use of Siri as virtual assistant far outnumbered the individuals that were using Google Now by Android smartphone users.

A break from the monotony

The results of the study not only highlight the preferences of smart phone and iPhone users but it also highlights their level of trust and compatibility. It was also found out that more and more people are seeking aid of virtual assistants in order to simplify their ‘searching’ exercise. This study also indicated that majority of the iPhone users make use of virtual assistants but only a small percentage (16%) did not. On the other hand, the percentage of Android users that did not make use of virtual assistants was more and recorded at 40%.

Cortana, Google Now, Siri

As mentioned above, 16% of iPhone users did not use virtual assistants and 40% Android users did not. But there are iPhone users that make use of virtual assistants other than its own Siri, namely, Google Now was used by 10%, Cortana was used by 4% among iPhone users.

On the other hand, among Android users, Cortana was being used by 10% and the rest were using virtual assistants other than Google Now.

Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, what matters is how smoothly and fast you are getting your work done with the help of the virtual assistants.
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Monday, 10 April 2017


B2B Companies And Their 5 Popular Social Media Trends In 2017

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With the dawning of another year, the expectations, regardless of whether it is from your business that you run from a brick and mortar office or virtual world always change and evolve for the better. This betterment is directed not just towards the company but also for the clients or prospective leads.

Since “change is constant”, in this article, let us find out what social media trends you can expect to witness in the current year 2017 as far as social media efforts and initiatives for B2B companies are concerned.

5 social media trends for B2B business identities

Given below are details of the same that you can go through for a better insight

1. Interactive content

As per expert opinion it is being ascertained that in 2017 majority of the B2B companies will adopt the policy to tempt visitors/prospective leads with content that is interactive and most importantly exemplified by visual presentation. Few of the highly engaging content types that will keep visitors engaged include the likes of FAQ section (Q &A), product demonstrations, live streaming, and video blogging. Also, aside from the above avenues, social media platforms will be used extensively for marketing purposes.

2. Working on conversion rates

It is being assumed that more and more B2B companies will put in all efforts and strive hard to increase their rate of conversion. Assessment of social Return on Investment and an increased effort to improve upon lead conversion will be the emphasis of the year. By applying appropriate analytics and enhance social media marketing budget, these companies will lay stress on how to enhance revenues from conversions on the social media platforms.

3. Customer Experience

Reports suggest that in the previous year 2016, many B2B companies had agreed that it was not a “customer centric” approach that they had adopted in the previous years. However, it is being increasingly felt that “customer centric organizational” efforts are much needed to get clients that are new and also to retain them. As such, these companies will have to put in extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction and that the customer experience is good. On the other hand, even clients would like to receive personalized attention and services. Since customers are always flooded with numerous options, they can choose between service providers. As such, as a B2B company, it will be essential to draw them to your “store”, whether it is virtually or offline. Few of the social media marketing platforms/media that will be prominent in 2017 for B2B business promotion will include the following-






Interactive content

More and more customers will shop on their mobiles. As such, your marketing strategies ought to be directed towards the same. Studies have proved that as of 2016, 49% of the clients followed businesses on their hand held gadgets. As such, the marketing plans ought to be such that your products and services are available on mobiles aside from the desktop website.

4. Interaction in real-time

It is increasingly essential for the B2B companies to develop “immediate touch points” if they want their brands to become popular. There are a number of measures you can take as a B2B marketer, which include-

• Keeping tab on keywords, key phrases, hashtags

• Incorporate a so called “listening tool” to keep track of the above social ROI

• Refresh content regularly

• Maintaining a user friendly editorial can work wonders

5. Enhanced and improved social ad tools

In order to stand out from the rest of the B2B marketers, it is increasingly important to make the best use of the various tools that are being introduced by the social media platforms. By making judicious use of these tools, you can expect your social ROI to improve remarkably. These include –

• “Moments tab” by Twitter

• Facebook’s dynamic ads and carousel ads
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Friday, 7 April 2017


Google Changes Ad Policies - Takes Refuge In Artificial Intelligence

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The search engine major Google was taken by surprise when the YouTube advertising crisis intensified and assumed a proportion that was much more than what it had ascertained. Although, almost two weeks have gone by when the crisis first struck roots, yet the hue and cry has not died down altogether. So, what was all the hue and cry all about? Surprsingly, the well established brands found out to their horror and utmost disappointment that just adjacent to their advertisement banners there were hate and controversial videos posted, which created a lot of furor in the virtual world.

Is Google credibility at stake?

This is a testing time for the search engine giant. In fact, more than the credibility of Google, the future prospects and dependability of AI or Artificial Intelligence is being questioned. Experts are of the opinion that the efficacy of Artificial Intelligence was questionable and it is quite certain from the recent outcome that this technology is still not up to the mark.

The aftermath

What followed this crisis? It was observed that as expected and feared, a number of corporate brands instantly stopped pouring in their money on the search engine major. What irked the investors was that why would YouTube advertise on their network brands that were posted adjacent to videos that depict violence, hatred, and racism. Some of the well known brands that had found their advertisements adjacent to the hate videos included companies that included the following-

• AXA SA, Germany

• Range Rover vehicles, South Africa

• Total SA, France

• Tradera Sweden

• Skopunkten

The main question that was being raised about the placement of advertisement videos next to the hate videos was that the “quality assurance” and “brand safety” reputation was at stake for the above mentioned companies. Although Google interfered when the arguments were on but couldn’t take the situation into its stride.

Alphabet Inc, is however, planning to launch a new process/system wherein the quality of the service being offered for posting videos can be verified by companies that are planning to post their advertisement videos. To the utter dismay of the parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc, and also of the search engine major, the parent company is slated to lose a whopping 750 million dollars of revenue due to this unexpected event. This was stated by Nomura Instinet after detailed analysis of the situation.

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue

Soon after the crisis hit the virtual world of video advertisement, the search engine major started to employ the technology of Artificial Intelligence tools to decode YouTube’s video library. It has employed a technique known as “machine learning” in order to improve its services as well as products. This tool is specifically based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Few of the functionalities that are being reviewed by Google essentially include the likes of the following-

• Categorization of videos
• Flagging of content
• Filtering content

As per expert advice, the 3 above mentioned aspects are areas that have not been emphasized much by the search engine giant.

According to experts if the search engine giant intends to completely do away with the practice of posting online advertisements adjacent to hate videos and controversial videos, it has to set things right as far as Artificial Intelligence tools are concerned. Although, this is a task that has been overlooked most of the time, fixing these issues both “robotically” as well as doing away with human errors is the need of the hour.

As of now, it is being ascertained that there are no further instances of online advertisements being posted besides hate videos or videos that are controversial and depict hatred and racism.
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Monday, 3 April 2017


PPC Errors That Will Overrun Your Marketing Costs

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When it comes to startups, the budget assigned for their marketing campaigns is stringent and not the same as the business entities that have already established themselves over the years.  As such, it is crucial to use the money in a judicious manner. It has also been observed that when the PPC campaigns are done in the right manner, the ROI or the Return on Investment is commendable. So, let us see how the startups can get closer to this reality. Although, it is quite challenging to hit the jackpot right away, nevertheless, earnestly trying the same can take care of your expenses as far as effective marketing is concerned.
In this write up, we will talk about the most common errors that business entities make when it comes to their PPC or Pay-per-Click campaigns in digital marketing.

Common errors related to PPC campaigns

Given below are mistakes committed by the companies pertaining to their digital marketing campaigns emphasizing on PPC and which if rectified can allow your business revenue to skyrocket.

• Don’t ignore ad extensions

Oftentimes, it is seen that neglecting ad extensions is a common mistake. However, ad extensions are an integral part of PPC advertisement. In this regard, AdWords play an instrumental role in getting you connected to your prospective customers. This is usually done by means of selecting AdWord extensions carefully so that your contact information gets directly displayed as ad content and also, appropriate ad extensions ultimately results into positive call to action instances.

•Pay-per-Click ads

Writing advertisements especially descriptive ones for your products and services can be challenging especially when you have very limited space at your disposal. In fact, this is one of the crucial elements of your advertisement. If you can get the words and message rightly conveyed to your target audience, your battle is half won. Frame sentences and words that are enticing and will compel prospective leads to call to action.

• Don’t shy away from negative key phrases/words

Majority of the SEO professionals and ones engaged with their PPC campaigns always lookout for the positive words that are mostly searched for. However, what these professionals fail to realize is that there are several instances when online visitors also look for negative reviews or comments and in the event you optimize few negative key phrases or words in your PPC campaign, it is quite likely that your website or contact information, product description might as well appear in the search results or PPC optimized web pages.

• Assessing returns

One of the main challenges in working out your PPC marketing campaigns is the ROI. It is of immense importance to assess the amount that you are likely to receive as earnings from a customer that is associated with your startup exclusively through the PPC campaign. Not only that you also have to ascertain the amount you are investing in order to retain your customers for a longer period of time. Most of the time, these are issues that are usually overlooked and not paid heed to. However, these calculations do matter in the long run especially when you are trying to work out a budget plan may be for the next couple of months or years.

• When keyword matching goes wrong

Unless you are well versed with the Google AdWords keyword matching process, your digital marketing efforts can go for a toss. Most importantly, having an inexperienced and amateur professional in your team can make you spend a lot of money but in the long run you will fail to get the returns.

As such, prior to investing in your Pay-per-click campaigns, it is best to seek professional assistance so that you know your business needs will be met.
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Friday, 31 March 2017


The Essence Of Social Media Marketing In 2017

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Social media marketing is an important platform that many small and larger entrepreneurs bank upon to get recognition. It is undoubtedly a dynamic field and it is just more than posting links these days. The target audience and visitor behavior can be learnt from this platform. This in turn will enable you to improve upon your services and products aside from making changes to your approach if required.

Let us find out what 2017 has in store for the social media marketing professionals.

Given below are few features that are expected to gain prominence and these are the features that are here to stay at least for some time now.

1. Increase in popularity of influencer marketing

It has been observed that most of the influencers are owners of small to medium sized businesses. They have several aspects like preferences and interests in common. These influencers do not target a broad spectrum of audiences but limit their reach to a small niche area. Since this group of social media marketers already has a fairly good following, working in tandem with them proves to be beneficial. Since influencers are experts in their own area, marketing campaigns surely attract a lot of people and through word of mouth and online discussions the message is spread across. Common marketing campaigns of influencers include product demonstration. This eventually leads to comparison of different products of the influencers on social media platforms, which attract prospective leads.

2. Content that is interactive

Interactive content is a stronghold of social media marketing. Some of the common examples where interactive content has played a major role include tools that include mapping tool, health calculator, infographic, and data visualization tool, and so on. In order to enhance the experience of interactive content, you can add hash tags and sharing buttons on the page that has the interactive content. Using more of these interactive content tools also means that your website is attracting more web traffic, which should allow you to know the footfall of your website.

3. Visual content

The social media experts are of the opinion that the chances of visual content being shared are way more than textual content. Examples of visual content include viral videos, small video clips, GIF clips, livestreams, and few behind the stage moments that are recorded and marketed on social media platforms. Also, since more and more people are sitting less at their desktops and resorting to hand held devices, you can be sure that sooner or later these viral videos are sure to be clicked or viewed on these platforms. As far as live-streaming is concerned, it is being regarded as one of the top trends of 2017. Since it is a two way communication medium, the target audience for this tool is more than ever. If you add this feature in connecting with your prospective clients, you are sure to not only retaining more number of clients but you can be rest assured that you will get new clients too.

Facts about social media marketing

The points below will help you to promote your products and services better on the social media platforms. Check them out-

    • Since it is a “measureable format”, assessing your audience behavior and outcome can be determined

    • Making use of real-time tools that are interactive offers greater insight into audience behavior on social media platforms.

    • In the event the in-house social media marketing team is small in size, do not lament, opt for making use of the 3Ts in Economics, namely, Talent, Technology, and Tolerance.

   • Following the above rules will eventually increase the Return on Investment for your marketing  campaigns.
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Will Discontinuing YouTube Annotations Affect Video Bloggers?

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Google has announced that starting May 2nd, 2017, it will no longer offer the services of Annotation Editor. Annotations in this case are basically texts or hot spots or even links that are linked to a video that you get to see when the video ends. They are meant to encourage viewers for the reason of “call for action”, which comprises subscribing or viewing another post or video when you click on the annotations. They help in connecting you to another website or video by means of links.

Citing the reason, the search engine major stated that ever since its Cards and End Screens came into existence, these video annotations had become less significant. Also, it stated that these video annotations work best when you are watching a video on a desktop. In fact, it said that the use of these annotations has reduced by more than 70% ever since mobiles became popular and started being extensively used instead of desktops for surfing and navigating websites or watching videos.

Mobiles have gained popularity

One of the main reasons for discontinuing the concept of annotations is that since majority of the people are online on their hand held devices or on mobile, it does not make sense in adding these annotations that will hardly be seen by people. Also, as more and more people have turned to their mobiles to view YouTube videos, the time and effort spent on creating these annotations is wastage.

Advantages of End Screens and Cards over annotations

It has also been studies and the same reported that the

          • End Screens and Cards generate more web traffic than these annotations and the difference is quite a lot as much as 7 times greater.

          • Also, most of the viewers have a tendency either to close annotations or never click on one at all.

          • The time spent to create annotations is more than incorporating the End Screens and Cards and the latter is ten times faster and easier to set up.

          • They (End Screens and Cards) are able to keep viewers engaged for longer periods of time.

Once Google discontinues the Annotation Editor, creators of these annotations will not be able to create and use one. As such, all you can do is remove or delete the annotations once and for all. However, the annotations that are already tagged with a video will remain as they are and they will also be visible and viewable provided these videos are played or watched on a desktop.

What are End Screens and Cards

The so called End Screens and Cards work in the same manner as do these annotations helping you with creating links to the different videos you want to. They also help you to find out results of poll review and recommend videos.

Citing few features that were incorporated by Google, it said that when viewers wanted videos within a playlist, it made it available for the viewers. Next, when they asked for a feature that would enable the viewers to import End Screens from different videos, the same was incorporated.

As such, discontinuation of the video annotations and enhancing the functionality of End Screens and Cards should in no way pose a problem to the viewers. It is in fact, trying hard to better the concept and the features on a regular basis depending on the needs of the viewers and inputs from them.

The search engine major also stated that viewers were not quite happy the manner in which annotations worked or appeared on their desktops and majority of the viewers found them of little or no help. In fact, the concept these days is quite outdated.
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Monday, 27 March 2017


Google Bids Farewell To Another Product

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Google Site Search another product of the search engine major, which runs on a paid model, will be gone soon. This product empowers the internal websites to use it as their internal search engine. For the services the search engine major offers, it charges fees on a basis depending on the number of queries it has received for any product or service.

Of late, Google has announced and requested the websites that use this product to empower their internal search engine by making use of “cloud search product” or “free custom search engine”. This product will no longer be offered from the end of 2017.

The search engine’s prevailing clients have been allowed to use GSS till their licenses are valid. However, Google has clarified that no further licenses will be issued for new customers or clients. By default, the moment the client’s license expires, the account of the client will become CSE type of account or Custom Search Engine account.

An interesting aspect of the new change that will be brought about does assure clients of technical assistance till the time the license does not expire. In the announcement that the search engine major said for the clients’ contracts that become invalid between the period April 1st 2017 and June 30th 2017, an additional extension for a period of 3 months will be considered for product queries.


More about CSE

CSE, the short form for Custom Search Engine, is a free version that supports advertisements that makes use of the technology of Google. Interestingly, the features that are enjoyed by the prevailing customers are similar to the features that are offered by GSS. Aside from the features, the functionality of the two products is more or less similar. As such, the search engine major has urged and encouraged its clients of Google Site Search to assess the differences and similarities of the two products.

Google has, however, made one thing clear to its customers that in the event the clients are not opting for the other product, it has the option to discontinue or remove the internal website search engine services.


How did the model work?

The search engine major used to charge from the customers depending on the number of queries that are received every year. This can be better explained by the following example. It is assumed that a small website receives as many as 25,000 searches, it would charge around $125 approximately. This applies for smaller websites. In the event of bigger websites, Google can charge up to $2000 approximately for as many as 450000 queries.

Just as Google announced the discontinuation of the Site Search product, the discontinuation of so called Google Search Appliance was announced a year ago.


Impact on client accounts

The announcement has had an impact on the customers that are using this product. This holds true especially for the smaller websites. However, the impact will be felt not in the current scenario but once the license of the service expires. And finally in the last quarter of 2017, the service will be discontinued fully.

The companies that are not equipped with an in-house technical support team can seek professional assistance for the same and hire professionals that are well versed and most importantly well equipped to handle such a situation. Till the time the licenses don’t expire, companies can continue using the services and also avail technical support for a period of 3 months as promised by the search engine major. Thereafter, whether migrating to the newer product will benefit the company’s internal search queries is a measure that requires to be adopted by companies that deem it necessary for its websites.

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