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Google’s Mobile first index – Impact On SEO And Launch Date

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A brief explanation for the ones those are unaware of the concept of mobile-first index. More and more individuals are searching and browsing for information on their cell phones or mobiles. As such, the search engine major has decided that it will use the mobile version of the websites as its “primary search engine index”.

All these years, the search engine major has crawled websites that were basically desktop versions but as the number of mobile users has increased remarkably, it will prioritize mobile searches as compared first to desktop searches thereby making it easier for mobile users to access information promptly.

In this article, the different aspects will be covered in the following order –
          Impact on SEO and steps for better results

          • Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Impact on SEO strategies

Google has over the years taken measures to improve user experience and cater to its users regardless of whether it is a desktop user or a mobile user. However, since majority of the searches come from mobiles these days, the above mentioned steps were taken but have not been fully implemented as yet. However, Google has made it clear that the new strategy pertaining to indexing should in no way affect the search rankings in a drastic manner. It is being assumed that the step has been taken to better user experience because it has introduced the concept of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

As far as impact on SEO strategies is concerned, it is being ascertained that the measure won’t prove to be “disruptive” or “bold” for the SEO professionals provided you abide by the ethics of SEO and have been ethical in your SEO approaches. However, you can take the following steps to ensure that you function smoothly as far as SEO is concerned. These are as follows-

          • Mobile version – a must -If you haven’t done it as yet, make sure you have a mobile version of your website immediately. Most importantly, incorporate the concept of responsive design for your mobile website.

          • Update constantly – If you have both the desktop and mobile versions, treat both of them equally and when you update them, do so simultaneously. Maintain a balance. Another important requisite is that when it comes to expandable content, it makes sense in incorporating the same in a mobile version of a website but not so much when it comes to the desktop version of any website.

          • App development – Although having a mobile website does not necessarily mean that you have to develop apps but if you do, you will enjoy an edge over others.

          • Prioritize mobile users – Since the mobile-first-index will primarily tap the mobile users, it is important to cater to their needs first and address unattended issues related to your mobile version of the website.

Mobile-first-index launch is not happening before 2018

Although, webmasters and SEO professionals are trying hard to figure out the probable date of the launch of mobile-first-index transition, according to a prominent analyst for Google webmaster trends, was of the opinion that the concept might not be implemented before 2018, although he was not able to provide an exact date for the same. He also stated that initially it was thought that the change could be made by the end of 2017; however, it appears that it will not take place before 2018.

The webmaster trends analyst also stated that the search engine giant will make sure that the change does not hurt the ones not inclined to using mobile versions of websites. He also said that it will take several years when the transition will be absolute.
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Friday, 16 June 2017


How Does Digital Marketing Differ From Traditional Marketing?

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For small sized business entities, it is sometimes a bit difficult to choose between traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. This is because they have a limited budget within which they have to operate and it becomes financially strenuous if these very business entities have to invest in both. However, the case is not the same with medium or the stalwarts operating in the market. They can afford to launch their marketing campaigns both online as well as offline. However, what matters is which will reap greater benefits? There are a number of factors that govern the same. This write up will highlight on the pros and cons of both types of marketing. So, read on.

Assuming that the term traditional marketing is not alien to all, the advertisement of products and services that you get to see in print media like flyers, brochures, magazines, billboards, kiosks, television, and radio can be included in traditional marketing as compared to digital marketing that is prevalent on social media platforms, your hand held devices, and cell phones.

Benefits of traditional marketing

Although, there is a lot of hue and cry about digital marketing, nevertheless, traditional marketing benefits cannot be undermined. Hard copy marketing can yield great results in the long run. They are-

          • Advertisement materials are stored You have the hard copy of the advertisement at your disposal. And if required they can be distributed around.

          • Tap the local client base – When you are putting flyers and leaflets in your neighbors physical mail box, if found interesting, these flyers can be read over and over again.

          • A personal touch – When you are handing over a flyer to a prospective client, there is personal touch or kind of one-on-one if you get the opportunity to discuss your business plans and goals.

Downside of traditional marketing

However, one of the greatest drawbacks of hard copy marketing is that it can get expensive and you cannot ascertain the success rate with the marketing materials available. Moreover, the returns are not clear and uncertain. You market your products with the hope that few might patronize your products and services.

Benefits of digital marketing

Alternatively, these days, digital marketing has gained immense prominence and let us find out the benefits and drawbacks too.

          • Target broad spectrum of audience – As compared to traditional marketing where you can target local audience, in this you can reach out across the globe. The national as well as your international arena is the market place for you.
          • Cost effective – As compared to conventional marketing expenses, the cost you have to incur on digital marketing is lower.

          • Audience feedback is possible – Unlike conventional marketing strategies and campaigns when you will be able to get feedback only if you interact personally or receive complaints and appreciation through paper mails, digital marketing offers better opportunity for interaction between sellers and buyers. In fact, you can also track the behavior of a consumer and decide how you can rework your marketing strategies to suit your target audience and get better returns.

          • Brand reputation and visibility – Your brand gets highlighted faster and your brand name becomes prominent within a short time.

          • Returns assessment in real time – You are in a better position to assess your returns and results in real time if you track the visitors, subscribers, conversion rates, and peak trading time slots.

          • Social media platforms do the magic – Anything that trends these days becomes viral virtually. By using share buttons and likes, you can expect your message to reach innumerable visitors instantly within no time.

Clubbing traditional and digital marketing techniques

It has been observed that the business entities that choose to operate making use of both the avenues excel within no time. Instead of opting for a single marketing option, it is best to make use of both keeping your operating budget in mind. Opt for a strategy in which both the methods complement each other.
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Retail prediction of 2017 – A Bird’s eye view

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That the tug-of-war between bricks-and-mortar stores and online retailers is unavoidable and is something that will last indefinitely makes the scenario in the retail markets interesting. Experts had predicted in 2016 that the retail sector is slated for upheavals and the reasons can be essentially attributed to two prominent causes, namely, behavior of the consumers and the manner in which the political scenario will take shape.

Need for space?

Although the run for the first place has been tricky and challenging but it cannot be denied that the stalwart Wal-Mart made giant strides as far as its online sales and business was concerned. More and more entrepreneurs are shifting focus for online sales and marketing campaigns as this could help them to curtail the costs of operating from a full-fledged bricks and mortar stores, the cost of which can be curtailed greatly. As such, entrepreneurs are also “re-evaluating” whether or not they actually need physical space to operate their business.

In fact, it is also being observed that the bigger as well as the sparingly known brands intend to reshape their destiny. And this they want to do by regaining control of their sales instead of entrusting the job to the third party retailers. Aside from the above changes in scenario, you can also expect the following changes to take place as 2017 comes to an end and it is quite likely that these very trends will spill over in the New Year too.

1. A budding digital divide

The fact that Amazon was on top of the charts as compared to other online retailers cannot be disputed. However, a very interesting trend has surfaced as far as online retailing is concerned. As per data provided by Slice Intelligence, a firm that is responsible for scanning the digital receipts of consumers, it was found that as compared to 2016, the number of shoppers flocking to online stores has increased by considerably. In fact, this is one trend that experts like Ken Cassar, the principal analyst anticipates too. Also, when it comes to major online retail players, it has been observed that they invest more in redesigning, refreshing, and staying updated as far as their websites are concerned. Aside from this, they make sure that the shipping process is prompt and faster.

2. Smaller players are hoping for sunny days ahead

The experts are also of the opinion that it is not just the bigger players that are reining the retail scenario but the medium and smaller players are playing their cards well.

3. Changing strategies

It is also being observed that bigger brands like Michael Kors, Coach, and Ralph Lauren usually sold their stuff through departmental stores. The reason being it is a less expensive approach and the risk involved is also low. However, these brands are not happy with the “promotional” attitudes of these departmental stores and are putting in all efforts to “dial back” these customers. In yet another instance, the majors Nike and Adidas are adopting policies that are bound to lure customers either to their bricks-and-mortar stores or invest online. In a new kind of marketing strategy, Nike is allowing its prospective customers to test their running shoes by allowing them to run on the treadmill before buying the product.

4. Shrinking number of stores

Another trend that is expected to be observed in the current year is that more number of stores is expected to downsize. Classical examples of the same include Sears and Claire’s. This is mainly due to the debt repayments that are to be kept in mind when companies like Claire’s rework their survival strategies.

Regardless of the scenario that exists in the retail landscape, another factor that will inevitably influence the same is the tax policies that will come into effect due to Trump administration with emphasis on border-adjustment tax.
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Friday, 12 May 2017


How Is The Authority Of Websites Determined?

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If you are a veteran in the field of SEO, you must be aware of the fact that whenever there is a mention of your brand name or you get a backlink, it is of great value. In other words, if you are popular whenever the subject of digital PR comes up, you can be rest assured that to a great extent you are visible to the visitors of the virtual world. Oftentimes, there is mention of authority websites and authority web pages, how does a web page become “authoritative” This is what has been discussed in this write up so that you can get an idea about the same.

Google’s metric for determining authority web pages

In the initial stages, Google used what is known as PageRank. In this the number of links your website or web page received was counted and a particular score was worked out to determine the Page Rank for that particular web page. This was regarded as valuable and something that every webmaster banked upon. However, this parameter alone was enough to determine the authority of a web page despite the fact that the actual words used in the web pages were also taken into account.

Present day scenario

Unlike the times when Page Rank was considered as one of the important parameters these days content and back links still make a lot of difference but the search engine major has adopted a different metric altogether. It is known by the name Google’s RankBrain system. According to the new system alongside few other essential metrics, it is assumed that there are more than 40 major aspects that play a crucial role in determining the authority of any website. In fact, experts are also of the opinion that 40 signals is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more than 200 signals that decide about the same.

Back links

When you receive a back link, it is essential to find out the authority status of the referencing website and its brand value. If it comes from a high authority website, the mention of your brand name will carry weight.

Ways to determine authority of website

Given below are few ways to find authority of websites-

Moz Domain Authority

One of the most prominent ways to decide the authority of a web page is by so called metric Moz Domain Authority or DA. This is a measure that will enable you to assess the authority of a website on comparison with other websites and will also predict the chances of ranking of the websites appearing in the search results.

Outbound links

The Dofollow links are more valuable as compared to the nofollow links. While the former pass SEO authority, the latter do not. Websites with more number of dofollow links carry more value and consequently are considered higher as compared to websites that have nofollow links.

Publication type

Basically, the content that is created is published in either of the 3tier of websites, namely, High authority websites, Mid authority websites, and Low authority websites. While the last one usually include the individual blogs and posts, the mid include websites like SearchEngineJournal and SearchEngineLand and CNN, Huffington Post are high authority websites. Being mentioned or linking with these well known websites carries greater value for your content.

Aside from the factors mentioned above, you can also bank upon the following to find out the value of a website. These include the following-

• Alexa Global Rank

• Content Quality

• Standard of Editorials

• Page Views

• Feedback from target audience

• How interactive is your content

• Presence and visibility on social media platforms

• Number of social followers

• Status of Natural Syndication Network

• Status of Call to Action and frequency
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Voice Search Optimization – 7 Essential Strategies

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Reports and extensive studies on voice search suggest that the trend for voice search is increasing with every passing day. Even a couple of years ago, voice searches were not regarded as accurate and there used to be certain discrepancies. However, studies indicate that the accuracy percentage has increased by as much as 92%. As such, it is time to reap the benefits of this new tool that can offer a number of advantages when it comes to running your online business.

Take a look at the paragraph below as to how you can adopt few strategies to better your prospects.

Reasons for voice search popularity

Increase in prominence and popularity of voice search can be attributed to a number of reasons such as-

As mentioned above, since the rate of accuracy has improved, more and more people are relying on this tool for getting search results. As per a report, it was found that by 2014 end around 55% of teens in the United States and approximately 42% of the adults in the United States were already using voice search.

There is another reason for its popularity. Since consumers have the option to choose from among a number of devices that offer voice search, it becomes easier to make the optimum use of this new technology. For instance, you can now select from among Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice Search, just to name a few. And don’t be surprised if majority of the queries that are generated by visitors online will be voice searches by the year 2020.

How to optimize for voice search?

In order to optimize for voice search, you don’t have to know rocket science. Just a little bit change in your SEO approach and strategy will suffice and can work wonders. You can do the following to derive the maximum benefit-

1. Why do you need voice search - First and foremost, you have to assess why you need voice search.

2. Work upon key phrases - Identify key phrases, especially long tailed keywords. This is because speaking out means; you have to work out the key phrases that are likely to be spoken out for voice search. So, get ready for a brainstorming session. Most importantly, you have to choose key phrases that have to be essentially related to your products and services.

3. Use analytics - Making use of analytics is important. There are tools that will help you to select the key phrases that you need to focus on.

4. Rely on Google’s unique tools - If you refer to reports by Google’s Search Console, you will be able to find out which queries are working for you and the ones that are attracting visitors to your website.

5. Mobile friendly website - Prior to making the changes that have been mentioned above, the most important aspect that you need to address and cater to is getting your mobile website indexed without fail.

6. Minimize bounce rates - Bounce rate is something that you have to address. In case you have a visitor that does not stay on your website for long, it is difficult to regain trust once you have lost it. This is applicable regardless of whether you are working out SEO strategies for a mobile device or desktop.

7. Let bot crawl - Allow Googlebot to seamlessly crawl through your content. This will enable the search engine to recognize any related query that comes up when voice search questions are asked.

Wrapping it up, keep pace with the latest tools and technology so that you can incorporate them in your SEO strategies for optimum results, regardless of whether it is just text search or voice search.
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Sunday, 30 April 2017


5 Tips To Successfully Run Your Ecommerce Business

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If you are into Ecommerce business, the future prospects can be quite exciting and this is one reason why writing about it makes sense in the first place. According to statistical data, during the period between 2010 and 2013, the total retail ecommerce sales (United States), jumped to $263.3 billion from $167.3 billion.

Financial analysts have given a much better picture for the forthcoming years. Starting 2016 through 2018, it is being assessed that the projected total retail ecommerce sales in the United States will be as follows-

• $392.5 billion in 2016

• $440.4 billion in 2017
• $491.5 billion in 2018.

And if what has been predicted above comes true, it would mean that by the end of 2018, there would be a growth of more than approximately 41%. So, it definitely makes sense to try your fortune in this field. But for that you will have to take few measures so that your success is assured and you don’t fumble during the course of your journey. Let us take a look at these measures or rightly called Tips.

Guidelines for successful ecommerce business

Try out these tricks for better results. They are-

1. Don’t haste- “Slow and steady wins the race”

Once you have conceptualized the idea, give yourself sometime. Perhaps, you could build a website and keep your clients guessing. The crux of the matter is don’t divulge too much information unless you have done your homework, which includes working out strategies related to SEO, social media advertisements, developing and maintenance of website, and above all planning out ideas related to paid advertisement and brand image and management.

2. Keep provision for mobile ecommerce

This is perhaps one of the most essential aspects that you will need to work on. These days you will get more leads from mobile customers as compared to desktop users. So, building your ecommerce business keeping in mind the mobile customers is a must. Also make sure that your mobile website gets indexed first.

3. Find competitors

In order to establish your brand and your online business, you need to know your competitors well and their modus operandi. As far as modus operandi is concerned, you might not get a detailed insight about the same, nevertheless, you could observe how things take shape in their part of the arena. Another best way to find your competitors is to search Google or any other search engine and know about them better. This will also help you to know the nuances of advertisements that they follow for their marketing campaigns.

4. Be social

It is a well known fact that nothing works these days unless you are active on social media platforms. And these platforms are your strength or rather pillars that will help you to build your business. Allow your prospective clients and customers to communicate with you through feedback options, call to action provision, writing a review about your products and services, and above all follow buttons. These small steps that you take will help you to go a long way. Always keep the option open for interaction with your clients and visitors.

5. Reliable SEO aid

If you are running an ecommerce business, it means you are just one among the many fishes in the sea. So, you have to stand out from the rest. And how will you make this happen? Hire the services of a reliable SEO firm. While hiring or zeroing-in on one, don’t rush for the first one you come across. Shop around for few, compare services and prices, check their past track records, and opt for referrals. This is because if you are signing up with someone that has been referred, you know the services are tested and tried.

Last but not the least, aside from hard work smart work is equally important!
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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Project Owl - A Bird's Eye View

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The search engine major has over the years introduced and brought about several changes not just in the area of algorithms but it has implemented changes for better user experience. And for this reason whenever Google announces any change, the virtual world tries to gain a firm and better understanding of the concept that governs the change. And this is exactly what has been dealt with briefly in this write up. So, read on for better insight. Here, the following topics have been dealt with, namely.

• What is Project Owl?

• Why was Project Owl necessary?

• What is authoritative content according to Google?

• Will Project Owl really work?

• In a nut shell

What is Project Owl?

Of late, Google announced the so called “Project Owl”, a change that experts say will revamp the manner in which so called “problematic searches” will be addressed, which essentially included fake news.

Why was Project Owl necessary?

By bringing about the change or rather introducing the project, Google plans to address issues pertaining to fake news. These changes have been brought about so that content related to fake news can be tamed. It will entail so called “Featured Snippets” and will deal with “authoritative content”, and above all user feedback. As more and more feedback is received by users, it is being assumed that content related to fake news and offensive content will be pushed down in the search results. In fact, according to initial reports, problematic content and searches are already appearing lower in the search results.

What is authoritative content according to Google?

This is where the role of feedback comes into play. Over the past few months the search engine major has been doling out payments to quality raters. These raters have been entrusted with the job of reviewing as well as working upon improved search results. Interestingly, when these search results are produced, they will serve as a guide for the algorithms to rank a particular content. It is a well known fact that engines cannot manipulate rankings directly so humans have to be included in this regard (raters). In this way, algorithms will be able to tackle hateful, offensive, and “problematic searches” in a better way leading to downgrading content that is not up to the mark. Earlier, Google used to rank websites with content as long as it was popular regardless of whether the information the website provided is fake or authentic. But this trend will no longer prevail and will be curbed down considerably.

Will Project Owl really work?

The veterans and experts at Google are of the opinion that since the change has been introduced recently, it is too early to fathom the results. However, certain search results that do not appear to be authoritative have already been pushed down in the search results as mentioned above. According to Google’s most “authoritative voice”, although the change will show results but the issue cannot be fixed all at once. The feedback form is definitely a better way to communicate to the search engine about anything that does not seem to be right. However, the actual manifestation of the results can only be assessed and noticed after a period of time.

In a nut shell

The next important aspect that needs to be taken into account is the websites that will suffer and the ones that will benefit from the project. Remember, search results determine the ranking of any website and most importantly, it is one of the most important way in which you can draw web traffic to your site. So, a minute change in Google algorithm and search results strategies can almost change the fortune of the online business entities. So, it a wait and watch strategy that needs to be followed as of now.
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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Judicious Content Marketing To Enhance Visibility

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Majority of the SEO service providers are emphasizing on content marketing to gain visibility. Most importantly, these firms are doing so not just to derive the benefit from content but also as a means of replacing the measures they take for link building. However, it has been observed that not all audiences are quite convinced by the content marketing strategies always unless it is informative and fresh and many just skip the content taking it to be trash. With such an attitude of readers and visitors, how can these very SEO service providers manage to sail their content through? This is exactly what has been discussed in this article.

The concept of bounce rates, poor web traffic would not have existed had visitors considered content as the sole deciding factor to rate a website. It is a well known fact that links also play an equally important role. So, how do you replace link building with effective content marketing? Let us find out.

4 tips to enhance visibility through link building and content

Links and content have to co-exist and both cannot be separated. As such, how can you make link building effective through content marketing?

1. Identifying your target audience better

In order to dish out content that will connect better with your audience, there are few aspects that you ought to keep in mind. They are-
• You have to decide whether or not your content is catering to existing clients or you want to attract new audience.
• By means of emotional intelligence, you can decide the type of content that needs to be developed
• Develop content that will not just impart useful information, educate them, motivate, and help them but the content should be engaging and interesting. Remember, even the most serious of content topics can be written for a layman and can be made engaging. 
• The type of content you create should also offer solutions as in the case of forums.

Ideally, you have to identify your audience and care for their intellectual requirements.

2. Crisp and to-the-point content

Beating around the bush doesn’t help. Moreover, readers do not have the patience to read long histories. As such, the content that you develop should be-
• To the point
• Crisp
• Readable

Since readers don’t have the patience to read lengthy content, follow the policy of “less is more”. Whatever you write should be good enough to meet their intellectual requirement or information that they are looking for. No extra or unnecessary information is needed.

3. KPIs need to be focused on

Content planning is one of the pre-requisites for useful content and one that will be read by your target audience. For this purpose, it is best to segregate the KPIs. For instance, your aim is to carefully guide the customer through the entire process that begins with first entering the website to the final call for action that is hitting the “Buy” button. Plan out the content at each stage and select the KPIs accordingly. In this regard, there are 3 divisions of KPIs that you must take into account, namely, Owned KPIs, Business KPIs, and Social KPIs.

4. Understanding audience behavior

If you want to connect better with your audience, you have to be alert about their whereabouts and also the manner in which they behave online. For this purpose, it is important to understand few aspects that include-

• Your audience (age group, type of professionals)
• When is the right time to approach them
• What is the ideal message that will motivate them
• On a broader level, what is the type of content that will keep them engaged

As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to lose patience. Instead perseverance and positive attitude is what matters the most.
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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Link Building – Broaden your Horizon

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Having a well designed website is not just enough. In order to attain a good ranking for the website and to highlight competitive key phrases and keywords, you can resort to effective link building skills that have time and again proved to be an ideal way to sustain your web traffic on a long term basis. In fact, it cannot be denied that links are essentially an important factor as far as ranking is concerned. Let us find out the nuances of this concept of link building.

What are links and what is link building?

Links are basically a way to develop association between non-competing and relevant entities, topical authorities to be precise. Instead of trying to dodge the system and adopt unfair means to get ranking that will not sustain for long, it is best to follow a fair ethical strategic approach towards the same. Following unfair means also puts you at the risk of being penalized by the search engine major. In the following paragraphs, let us find out how effectively you can follow link building strategies.

• Content development

Manual link building is not something that is encouraged or supported. Instead if you create good attractive and informative content that will add some value to the knowledge bank of users, you can expect to get good quality links in return. However, just make sure that the type of content that you create ought to be relevant to your target audience or to the website that you are linking with.

• Increase your social interaction

Aside from adding value to the knowledge bank of readers and visitors as mentioned above, links can also be a means to solve problems of people. For instance, there are forums and sites that have extensive discussions about topics of concern, interesting fun facts, and certain types of queries that can be addressed by means of these links. A classical example of such a forum is Quora. In this way, you will also be able to connect better with the audience.

• Incorporate content types

Even if you find that your website content being text based is very much popular, you can better it with innovative methods of highlighting the same content or new content through visual representation like videos and visuals that are effective. Alternatively, self explanatory videos and presentations are helpful too.

• Technicalities in link building

In the event you are changing the URLs of a website, updating your content or going ahead with other updates of your website, it is quite likely that you will not be able to retain the links that you might have perhaps obtained after a lot of hard work. What are your options under such circumstances? You can make use of certain tools that will help you to retain these useful links that you don’t; want to part with. These tools referred to as “link discovery tools” include Majestic, and Open Site Explorer, to name just a few. In fact, there are a number of tools that have the ability to track broken back links.

• Enhancing brand awareness

Another option for effective link building and getting web traffic is by creating so called content hubs. Essentially these content hubs have to be “authoritative”. And if you offer expert knowledge resources for free, you tend to promote brand name. This is also a part of your social PR efforts that are so much needed in order to stay afloat in this field.

Last but not the least; your main aim will also be not to lose focus of your link building objectives. Striving to enhance the link building value for your online business is why you are here today.
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Are You Aware Of The Nuances Of Redirect

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Redirects have been around for a pretty long time now. And it won’t be wrong to say that even the veterans in the field of SEO oftentimes get confused about these so called “redirects”. In this write up, we will discuss about the various essential aspects of redirects.  So, read on for a better insight. Prior to getting into the depth of the topic, it is crucial to understand the concept and the meaning of this term.

With the help of a redirect link, it is possible to forward a URL to another page from a particular page. The primary objective of this process is to take users to another page. However, it is important to understand the signals that are being passed on along with the forward. In other words, redirecting will usually allow links to get consolidated before they are passed on to another page.

Although, there are many SEO professionals that do not prefer to keep these redirects in place, however, the search engine major Google recommends that redirects should never be removed. In fact, they should be allowed to stay where they are for as long as possible.

Intent of redirecting

The method that you adopt to carry on the process depends entirely on the purpose with which you are undertaking the same. There are a number of factors that you ought to take into account prior to redirecting. These essentially include the following. What is the purpose of the procedure that you are undertaking? Are you planning to

• Forward one web page to another web page

• Is maintenance of file structure your aim?

• Are you planning to forward several pages to a single page

• Redirect one domain to another domain

• Forwarding one folder to another

Redirect levels

Once you have identified the purpose of redirecting, you can do so at different levels and more about each of these levels has been written below.

• CDN level- As far as implementation is concerned; it has been observed that if redirects are moved from the page of origin to the end, it can make the process much simpler and also faster. Instances- Cloudflare Page Rules and Akamai Edge. Interestingly, not many SEO firms employ this methodology. What they don’t realize is that this method allows scalability.

• DNS level – If domain changes are what you are aiming for, perhaps it is best to redirect at the DNS level. The best part is that the rules that govern the procedure are well documented. Whether or not this is the best level for redirecting is perhaps decided by the hosting provider.

• Redirects (language based) – Redirecting can also be carried out using different languages like HTML, .NET, JS, and PHP. The best part is that these individual languages more than one option for redirecting.

• Server level redirection – Depending on the nature of server, you can opt for redirection at the server level. It is important to find out whether or not the server is IIS, Apache, or nginx. The rules are documented extremely well. What majority of the professionals don’t realize is that if a WordPress plugin is in use, you are most likely using the Apache server. In fact, the same applies in case of Cpanel too.

How to make redirects a success

Pay heed to the following points prior to initiating a redirect.

• Find out the rules of redirecting especially for the index pages

• Identify the process that will meet your requirement in redirecting and also the level that will be best suited to your needs

• Last but not the least, redirect loops are particularly vital so, it is important that you check for the same. Any fault may crash the site.
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